What's the right way to start a blogging website?

What's the right way to start a blogging website?

Everything you need to know about starting your blogging website!

While writing a book isn't something a lot of people can find in common, blogging sure is! Having a blog is remarkably easy today. Anybody who understands how to string along words can do it. But doing it well takes effort.

If you’re dedicated and passionate about blogging, chances are you’re ready to invest time and effort into it. The Internet, like the universe, seems to be growing every minute. For you to stand apart, you need to have authentic native content and superior tech support.

How do you get the right technological support? Do you just start learning to code and follow one of the youtube ads?

We at Quintype believe that bloggers deserve a platform that understands their expectations. This has been the idea behind building our suite of products. We take pride in assisting large to small scale publishers. Here are some features that we think a blogger would need from a CMS.

The right technical support should look a little like this :

Content personalization

Writing is a creative experience. One needs to be able to have the space to explore narrative options and styles.

The Bold CMS helps you create content that caters to the specific interests of different readers. This helps you create content that is on-trend like seasonal posts, viral challenges, reactions, and listicles!


Having multimedia elements or ads shouldn’t affect the performance of your website. A good performing website would mean being responsive, good WCV score (read more about it here), and able to handle the traffic.

This helps with a better user experience while also increasing your chances of search engine ranking for say, google news or discover!


As a writer, one needs to know what the audience appreciates. This is why Bold presents the SEO scores of posts on the dashboard.

You can navigate your content strategy and pull in more readers through relevant and in-demand stories.

Mobile CMS

You shouldn’t have to be chained to your desk.

Don’t wait to get to your desk to draft that story you thought of on the commute! Bold allows writers to explore and write on the go through their phones. Make submissions, approve and edit through your mobile phone!

Live blogging

Have a story you need to put out asap? With the live blogging feature from Bold, you get to share stories faster than ever without having to wait for approvals or reviews!

Push out stories as and when you like! You can always go back and add more data to them while retaining the publishing time and date.


With the help of cards, you can easily place programmatic advertisements on your website.

Multimedia support

Embed links, videos, add images, use audio files, throw in a gif of two! Multimedia support is crucial for digital publishers. Using different elements will add visual layers and enhance the content.


Having visual content to support your text will also aid in better understanding. It expands the reach of the content as well as the readers get to explore the subject discussed conveniently.

Omnichannel distribution

Having a smart CMS means you can distribute content to all devices, screens, and screenless devices, without any hassle. Surprisingly publishers still face friction with the distribution of content on devices like smartwatches, voice assistants, etc, however, with Bold your range of audience is never compromised.

Social media presence

Be everywhere! Reader’s are patient with good content however it would be stupid to expect them to have to hunt you down! Have your content posted on all social media platforms. This helps you get more readers and increase your impressions.


You deserve a little something too! For far too long we’ve glorified free content. Set up your subscription plans and run your content over a paywall. Accesstype, our monetization tool makes this super easy. It helps you keep track of your reader-base as well.


Blogs are widely appreciated. A good way to develop your reader-base involves encouraging feedback. MeType, our interaction tool helps you set toxicity levels. This simply means that you can enjoy healthy feedback and reactions to your content.

Scope for growth

A blog can always start with a single person. However, you would want to set the base right. Having a solid platform is remarkably helpful when your team grows. It creates a frictionless addition of roles. Utilize access control and workflow.

How do you start?

With Quintype! Our suite of products are built for the modern day publisher. We believe in providing the best technological support while publishers do what they do best - content.

  1. With Quintype, you get a powerful CMS-Bold, that everything does everything we’ve mentioned above. We have 24*7 customer support and you get a site that is clean without any hacker disturbances.

  2. You enjoy a super easy monetization tool. With quick transactions and customizable packages, Accesstype is every publisher’s dream.

  3. Metype is the interaction tool by Quintype, which helps you control toxicity levels and create a vibrant discussion platform.

  4. The front-end management tool Ahead empowers publishers with website presentation. They get to make atom level changes with ease.

  5. Want to build an app? With react native from Quintype, you can have your blogging app within a few days with your native content!

We try to make the everyday life of digital publishers easy with our suite of products. Like what you see? Get in touch with us here!