What's missing in your technology website?

What's missing in your technology website?

With the steady growth in netizens, how is your tech page holding up? Here are ways to prepare your website for better engagement!

Technology blogs have a dedicated readership. With new gadgets and assets coming out every year, it isn't surprising that this industry is flourishing.

How to keep a technology page running?

Good structuring and a high desk of information help keep a solid front. The technology pages are on the rise, with more players, nobody sends pawns to the game. With a solid content team, you’ve only got some specificities to sort out.

1. Regular Updates

Do you have your website ready for snippets of updates? Readers appreciate being kept on the beat, being notified helps avoid all the searching.

2. Features

People would want a short description or a 10-minute long article. Having in-depth specifications and features come in handy. Being playful with layouts and other design options can help get that visual wave.

3. Reviews and Rating

People like to know what others think. Not always but when it comes to the tech world, it's often appreciated. Having a 5-star rating or short testimonials would help add to the data.

4. Product overviews

When you’re an expert at something, don't hold back from sharing. Readers depend on your insight to make choices, let them know if you agree with the hype around the new product or if that software is dependable.

5. Collections

How do you run your content? Collections are known for their ability to navigate readers through pages. With a good CMS, you can have the writers know the collections that will win the reader’s attention.

Some of the popular collections include:-

-Best to buy

-Latest products

-Product comparison


-Popular products



6. Listicles

Have product lists? Present them better on your website to promote readability and better traffic.

Run product lists, updated feature lists, and add to more visual elements throughout the website.

7. Clear architecture

With content diversity, one needs the right architecture. Are your subject experts sure of their content strategies and roles? Having a clear architecture on the back end helps a smooth flow of content on the front. With native authors and guest bloggers, it’s essential to distribute control the right way.

8. Integrate Rich multimedia

The digital stories have expanded their richness. With videos, podcasts, and reels, using diverse multimedia helps entice the audience. Being able to embed links and codes with ease can uplift your website’s look and feel.

9. Auto social sharing and Notifications

Nobody likes working on a back end that isn’t competitive. Did you know that you could pull your content on all your social channels, across all devices if you had the right CMS?

Push notifications, social media descriptions can all be sent through the back end.

10. Responsive

Have a website that can handle heavy traffic, sounds basic right?

For a techie, you ought to have the best CMS to ensure your audience get the most responsive pages.

Don't let those advertisements or videos hinder the user experience.

11. Optimize content for google news

Stay up on the search feed with the right SEO analysis. Writers can now understand the traffic drawn in by stories and learn from those patterns. Optimizing your content for google news will include staying up to beat with google’s policies and maintaining a healthy website.

12. User engagement sections

Utilize your reader base. With more involvement, chances are your readers know enough to give you input. Using comment sections and reactions can enhance the impact of your content by adding flavor.

13. Space for Advertisement

Do the advertisements run along with your story or is it the other way around? You could change this with the right management so your content creators know what they’re creating.

How Bold can help you?

With all of the above and more!

No really, we’ve built our CMS Bold, for publishers in the digital space. Bold takes up enough roles to give you the leisure of time to create content. From easy structure to workflow, the CMS was tailored to fit the needs of digital publishers with a diverse and demanding audience.

If you're looking for a technology website without having to invest in an army for developing and maintenance for a high functioning CMS that's got your back, click here to schedule your free demo.