Use Bold CMS to create a stunning astrology website

Use Bold CMS to create a stunning astrology website

Build a beautiful astrology website with valuable content using our headless cms - Bold

Maintaining an astrology website is no joke. Having daily updates, special stories, multiple content funnels sure add up.

The billion-dollar industry has seen a leap since the advent of digitalization. The Atlantic has even covered a story on how millennials are “so into astrology.” From websites to memes to elaborate videos, astrology is relevant as ever.

For starters, you would need your astrology website to stand tall and have enough space for all the content to float around while not overwhelming the readers.

Here are pointers we think you should look out for

Schedule stories

You can post timely updates such as - daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual horoscope predictions and updates. It can be tricky to keep a manual check on it. Get a CMS that allows you to schedule and publish stories! You can have relevant stories pop-up without regular curation of content.


Creating collections can ensure that readers are not overwhelmed. Having different boxes can help readers go from one article to another. It also assists easy browsing.

Website architecture

With a galaxy of content, you would need control over the building blocks of your website. You need the right content structure.

Be it tarot, horoscope, birth chart, or even psychic readings, you can create meaningful collections. Use cards, have a defined image and brief information of the zodiac and reuse it whenever relevant. It helps save time and simplifies interlinking information.

You can also curate a layout according to the user data and push the most relevant stories ahead. The use of 'trending stories' can also help achieve this.


Quick payments in exchange for a psychic or tarot reading can be made with the right monetization tool. You can also have premium content like career predictions, birth horoscope, or any other personal demands over a paywall.

Guest writers

Don't fret about having more guest writers. With the right CMS, you can set access limitations for any contributor.

Have a tarot card reader you'd like to have contribute for your website? Allow them to write and publish on the same CMS without worrying about any mishaps by setting access restrictions. Guest contributions don't have to be stressful!

Social media

As mentioned earlier in the blog, astrology is flourishing on social media. It is the best platform to gain more traffic. To have a more interactive social media account, you need to ensure an updated feed. This can be done with a smart CMS that allows you to push stories across all channels.

How can we help?

Want to create the best astrology site? Get a CMS that takes care of your publishing needs. With Quintype’s suite of products, publishers can push the best content to maximum readers. Bold, the hero CMS from Quitype comes with all the features mentioned above. It is every content creator’s friend. Be it SEO support, multimedia, or seamless integrations, Bold has got you covered.

With better software support, you will be able to minimize unnecessary expenses, and without compromising the quality of delivery. You can also invest more resource for your content.

Quintype’s products are built to assist digital publishing. The monetization tool, Accesstype, makes it easy to set paywalls and curate subscription plans. Metype, the interaction tool, helps engage the audience and helps control toxicity levels in feedback. The front end system, Ahead, along with the layout management tool - Page builder, helps publishers customize their website’s look and feel with zero coding.

Empowering publishers has never been done better. Have more questions regarding building your astrology website? Click here to schedule your free demo.

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