Publishing Technology Trends And Media Predictions 2022

Curious about what to expect in 2022? Here are some latest technology trends and media predictions for the publishing industry.
Media Predictions 2022
Media Predictions 2022

Written by: Rashmi

The publishing industry is ever-evolving. From the printing presses of the 15th century to the digital newspapers, it has seen a massive transformation – all thanks to technology. Even during the pandemic, the industry witnessed a plethora of changes (both good and bad) as it thrived slowly.

For 2022 too, the predictions are out in the market. And since we love technology a little too much, we examined the industry and what experts are saying to bring the list of publishing technology trends and media predictions exclusively for you. Let’s get started:

Digital Revenue Models To Take the Front Seat

News will no longer be for free, at least not all the news. The revenue models of publishers have also been hit by the technology wave and they are quickly moving to multiple revenue channels.

Some of the new methods of revenue generation in 2022 include subscriptions, native advertising, micro-payments, donations, and events.

It should be noted that the top revenue stream for global publishers is now shifting to digital publishing subscriptions since most of the readers are now using online platforms to consume stories.

More Focus On Data-Driven Content

If you have read our trends about digital media analytics, you know how essential is data in the current times of personalization. Every publisher is trying new strategies to understand their customer’s behavior to boost engagement.

And in this race, publishers will be updating data structures to not rely on third-party cookies anymore. They would instead, collect data through their own CMS and analytics tools. This will ensure a proper strategy for more audience acquisition.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Investment In Better Tools

For the past few years, media companies are trying to leverage technology to deliver more personalized experiences and to boost the efficiency of the teams. As per a Reuter's report, more than 8 in 10 samples admit that technologies are essential for better content recommendations (85%) and newsroom automation (81%).

Artificial intelligence is also gaining attention for attracting and retaining customers. Furthermore, strong SEO strategies will also take the centre stage to ensure better rankings in the search engine results.

Hence, in 2022, publishers will collaborate with IT service providers to create customized and lucrative digital tools for their businesses.

Other Media Predictions For 2022

Here are some more predictions in the media and publishing industry you should take a note of:

  • Media companies and publishers will spend most of their time in improving and re-launching the existing products to cater to the changing needs of their readers.

  • Publishers will also invest in audio and video content to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. Short-form videos, especially, will thrive as the creator economy strengthens. Publishers will also adopt these techniques in 2022 to fulfill the needs of a new generation of customers.

  • New devices such as smart glasses and VR headsets from the world of metaverse may also find their way into the media industry.

  • Publishers may also witness the use of virtual currencies such as NFTs as illustrations and news stories could be sold and bought online with them.

No doubt that these trends and predictions already displayed their glimpses back in 2021. With more and more people turning to online magazines and newspapers, technology did become a helping hand for the publishers. Traditional publishing took the back seat while digital one strived hard to reach for success. This year will be the next step in that direction. And like always, Quintype will be there to help the publishers.

So far, we have become partners with global publishers and our digital tools have won the hearts of many. If you are also planning to stay ahead of the competition, make sure you invest in the right digital tools.

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