Tips To Get Your Social media Strategy Running | Facebook

Tips To Get Your Social media Strategy Running | Facebook

Want to boost your Facebook reach without paid ads? These 5 actionable items will help you do that.

Written by : Rashmi Singh

The digital space is getting crowded with new-age social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Discord, etc. But Facebook is still the king when it comes to online marketing as it has the most number of adult internet users.

There is one challenge that still bothers businesses i.e., the organic reach of brands on Facebook is declining by the day. So, the question comes to mind – how can companies reach their full potential on Facebook without spending a lot of money on ads?

Here is a list of 5 tips that will help you get your social media strategy running:

1. Set small measurable goals

Every good strategy starts with setting small goals. These goals should be tangible that can be measured easily. Setting small goals is important because, without them, you might get overwhelmed by the number of things you can do to boost your reach.

A few good examples of small measurable goals are:

  • I want to get my posts shared at least 200 times this month

  • I want to increase sales and lead generation by at least 10% this month

2. Engage Proactively

Some brands make the mistake of treating their social handles like loudspeakers so that they can speak and their audience can listen. But you do not have to make the same mistake. Engage proactively with your page audience and make two-way communication.

The best part about engaging proactively is that Facebook page analytics can tell you how you are performing. So, it can also be a part of your small-measurable goals that we just mentioned above.

3. Test out post formats

Generally, people prefer to post posts with text and images. But Facebook allows everyone to publish different types of media. So why not use that opportunity to test out a wide variety of post types like small videos, long-form videos, poll posts, etc?

Testing out various post formats is important even if your current post formats are working well enough because the newer formats might work even better.

4. Want to be authentic? Go live!

Your audience sees a very polished and refined version of your brand. All of your content that goes out there is edited – for good. But if you want to be a little more authentic, you can try going live on your Facebook Page.

Along with the authenticity factor, going live is also worth giving a try because lives tend to get more engagement than other types of posts. And more engagement translates to more organic reach.

5. Learn the art of repurposing

If you post frequently on your Facebook handle even for a month, you will definitely stumble upon a post type or a topic that works better than other posts. First, you have to find that post and then repurpose it again (and again) into various formats.

If a topic worked well on Facebook, there are high chances that it will work well on your website and other social media platforms too. So, you have to learn the art of repurposing and know how to turn a Facebook post into a featured article or video.

For example, if an article got many shares, you can make it more viral by editing the headline to make it catchier. If a post with a stock image got good engagement, you can repost it with a contextual image rather than using a stock image.

Summing It Up

Your social media strategy does not need to be a 100-page long PPT file. All you need to do is start with small goals, engage proactively, test out formats, and repurpose what is already working. These tips are more than enough to increase your organic reach.

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