Tackling tomorrow’s travel needs with Headless CMS

Tackling tomorrow’s travel needs with Headless CMS

Have a travel website? Here's how you can enhance user experience.

The journey starts on your website. Users seek a glance at their traveling experiences and answers to their queries on the site. You need information spaced out through the website for users to have a breezy look through that is both aesthetic and informative.

Make it easy to run your travel news website with smart CMS features

1. Content Personalization

Travel content consumers are interested in engaging and informative sources. Find a CMS that helps you personalize content for different kinds of users. This helps you keep up with the trends like bike travels, solo travels, socially distanced trips, etc by personalizing content for each unique consumer.

2. Omnichannel content distribution

Enjoy the flexibility in delivering content across all devices and channels, from the web to mobile phones, screen to screenless devices without having to compartmentalize distribution.

3. Story publishing

Have a zero trouble, easy publishing experience with a headless CMS which will allow you to manage native content in a single space. Enjoy custom workflows for publishing.

4. Clear architecture

Have the best of layouts for your website to convey the pleasure and the positive impact of traveling. Show your travel stories and tips with added listicles and story collections to push forth the narrative.

5. Web stories

Immerse your readers in fast-loading full-screen experiences. Create visually appealing tappable stories like instagram or snapchat stories, that are trending.

6. Integrate Rich multimedia


Want to let the scenery talk? Now upload albums and stand alone photographs on your website for that visual tour. Set the right 2D experience on your website to attract your audience without it affecting your website performance or speed!

7. Notifications

Push notifications through APIs and don’t let your users forget you! Send seasonal deals and specific geotags to every user and increase your client list with ease.

8. Optimize content for google news

Are you on google news? Because everyone else sure is. Ensure your content appears on google news with the best SEO recommendations and page performance.

9. User engagement sections

Add polls, ask questions and queries on your website with interactive tools. Engage your audience with your content and promote further conversations.

10. Responsive

There are 8 billion people and 14 Billion mobile phones worldwide. Safe to say that your website needs to be accessible to mobile screens. Find a CMS that allows you to preview your mobile content and switch focus points and content depth accordingly.

11. Auto Social posting

Do you still have to post your content individually onto your social handles? Get the CMS to do it for you. Manage your social media activities with ease and work smart.

12. Space for Advertisement


Have advertisements cluttered up? Arrange and sort advertisements on your front end. Utilize your ad space and run them alongside your website without harnessing the impact of either.

13. Geo tagging

Set the pin right on the map and enhance the experience with google map. Bring texture to your website with the right elements that bring value to the user experience.

14. Dynamic pages

Have quality native content up your sleeve? Get easy to access pages around your website with dynamic content to keep the traffic flowing.

15. Listicles with top destinations


Send treats to your viewers with listicles that help show the best of travel options. Keep it precise and quick with listicles, take the extra writing time off!

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