Starting out in the News industry? Here’s the help you need.

Starting out in the News industry? Here’s the help you need.

Essentials for starting news websites online

The news industry has been the historian for decades. From the invention of paper to the democratization of the 4G network, news dissemination has come a long way. It is common for an article to hit 50 million views today. With increased consumption and a pandemic in the air, this is a great time for publishers across the globe because the content is now savored.

How to start/manage a digital news website?

Digital news has grown to be domestic. It's the most prominent source of information for the younger population. Digital news allows journalists to do justice to the news stories as there is no barrier to space. It is also highly interactive and timely. This makes it more relevant and user-friendly.

Readers get to search for stories at any time of the day. Google discover, smart audio devices, social media are some of the ways through which readers consume data

Elements to having a successful news website


As a publisher, you need to have solutions that get you maximum yield without having to sign in for a coding class. Quintype's front end tool, page builder, helps you change intricate details on your website, from logos to colours, to give you all the branding power you would need. With the right solutions, you can enjoy design control without having to code.


Efficiently streamline the efforts of your journalists. Enable easy collaborations and systematic editing with clarity. You can allow limited access for guest contributors and add as many authors as you'd like without having any hinderance.

Mobile CMS

Get your reporters to write stories directly from the field on mobile CMS, they can construct stories through their smartphones and publish on the beat!

Create once, publish everywhere

It can be difficult to manage publishing content across various channels for smaller publishers. Find a CMS that takes up the role of a team and makes work easy for you. You could individually publish your story on every platform or you could get Bold to do it for you. Link your social channels to bold and have scheduled or live publications across them all. Content syndication is possible.

Breaking news

With growing media organizations, the need to break stories quickly has become significant. Create a sense of urgency by breaking news stories with ease. You need to be able to send flash news through your dashboard and add in updates as and when you get them.

Live blogs

You shouldn’t have to wait for completing the story. Reporters can now do live blogging from the field without waiting for the complete information. Add as you go on!

Multimedia Video services

You need more than one type of content, this would ensure maximum engagement and add to the convenience of the readers. Multimedia video services help you embed and upload visual content to keep your audiences immersed.


With the help of cards, you can use programmatic ads to position them wherever you want.

Image proportions

With accessibility to fast speed internet, readers expect HD quality reading experience. Images and videos need to be made available in the best possible quality. Manage image resolutions and proportions with inbuilt photo-editor to provide the best visual narratives.

Fact check

Fake news is not in hiding anymore. Fact checking can keep you out of the digital walk of shame. Get sources to verify important information and participate in censoring fake news by submitting claims, this keeps you looking authentic and increases reader loyalty.

Schedule Publishing

Find smart ways to manage publishing articles. Scheduled publishing allows writers to relax as the CMS keeps track of the timely updates of articles onto the news portal. It helps avoid extended hours of work.

How we can help

Our products help creators enjoy digital power without the struggle of coding. Our services are made by keeping publishers in mind.

1. Creation

A CMS that can uplift your online presence can be a game-changer. Ask more of your CMS. Get advanced SEO management to keep you relevant with the netizens. A single dashboard control will help you publish content overall social media platforms at once. Better looking images, easy management of metadata, and quick collaborations for the new age journalists. It would help that we're mobile ready. With fast mobile pages and progressive apps, your the digital journey will be swift and steady.

2. Distribution

Easy preview of content across various platforms can help figure out the best layout. Our front end management system - Ahead can get your website to present itself with a refined definition.

3. Monetization

Accesstype is every publisher’s friend for using subscription packages, setting different payment options, and seasonal sales to increase your traffic. Now available as a plugin for Wordpress users as well!

4. Digital Interaction

Metype helps keep track of feedback generated by readers. It helps filter refined comments. Encourages healthy interaction between writers and readers.

5. Visibility across platforms

Depend on Quintype’s suite of products to ensure exponential growth in site traffic and performance. Maintain the best score across all platforms with the best SEO recommendations and insights. Don't be chained to website rankings, let on social media and search engine rankings for the best traffic.

Quintype acts as the technical support team for digital publishers. This bond helps publishers get quality tech solutions without having to hire an in-house tech team or without learning to code. The products work seamlessly together and are priced to suit all kinds of publishing houses. From national dailies to regional websites, Quintype handles all colors of publishing houses. To request your free demo, click here.