Starting a parenting website? Here's all you need!

Starting a parenting website? Here's all you need!

Tips and tools you'll need to start your website on parenting

Parenting websites known for being informative. Some carry in depth data on psychological impacts of parenting while others carry reviews of movies you can watch with your kid without being concerned.

From pre and post natal blogs to parenting journals, this industry envelops a vast majority of the population. It is known for being interactive and is appreciated by the very set target audience.

How do you build a parenting website though? Every facet of parenting is unique and specific to the individual. This is why the content around the same has a chance to stand apart and have it’s own spark.

How to get your parenting website started


If you have a website running, you’d want to be able to customize it. A smart CMS would allow you to do this without having to learn to code. Find a CMS that empowers you and helps you create your brand identity.


SEO scores can be helpful for writers. It tells them which content is received better and has more visibility on the web. This helps writers navigate their efforts to make more relevant content for their readers.


If you’re waiting on your readers to find the latest stories you post, you’re just staring at a pot. In the vast ocean of content, you need to be the lighthouse that guides them to your website. Does your CMS help easy third party integrations that help you use push notifications?

User engagement sections


For a parenting website especially, you need a platform where readers feel connected, both to the writer and other writers. This promotes community behavior while also allowing fruitful discussions. The feedback provided can also help you grow.

Easy workflow

As your team of writers grow, you might want to invest in a CMS that understands the digital publishing space and how it works. Categorizing content into -published, scheduled, open, approved, rejected helps create clarity in work.


Having your content categorized into collections is an easy way to navigate readers through your page. This also helps push older content that might not have been relevant at the time.


Once you’ve got your content, you need a front end management system that helps you present it well. Picking a theme and experimenting the layout of your website needn’t require a large tech team. The right solution is empowering.

Multimedia support

Switching away from grey text can be revolutionary. Using visual stories, videos, gifs and infographics are a few ways to keep content fresh and dynamic. It also adds to the appeal of the subject and promotes better understanding.


The parenting industry thrives on the community appeal. Have your content run behind a paywall and maintain your subscriber base by promoting workshops, meetups, expert talks or even celebrations! Run affiliate sales with ease.


Bring your readerbase together and encourage the membership behavior. Word of mouth is a powerful tool to expand your visibility.

Build an App

If your readers are invested in the content you push out, building an app will only help your traffic. This would mean that your content will integrate itself, and seem organic to the readers. Push notifications, provide the best reading experience and enhance the overall engagement.

Social media

Social media is a great way to stay relevant. From putting out teasers, to collecting suggestions for future content, it takes engagement to a whole other level. You get to reach more people and maintain your reader-base by keeping them in the loop.

Use a CMS that helps you push out content to all your social media handles. Bring the users to your website and grow your traffic organically.

Where are we in this picture?

Right at the center of it. Quintype’s suite of products are designed to assist modern-day content creators. We believe in providing the best technological support while publishers do what they do best - content.

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  4. The front-end management tool Ahead empowers publishers with website presentation. They get to make atom level changes with ease.

  5. Want to build an app? With react native from Quintype, you can have your parenting app within a few days with your native content!

We try to make the everyday life of digital publishers easy with our suite of products. Like what you see? Get in touch with us here!