Press Reboot: The Newsroom CMS to reinvent your entire publishing effort

Times when only news and book publishers were seen as publishers are over. Today, every company is a media company. Therefore, it pays to think like some of the most successful ones.
Press Reboot: The Newsroom CMS to reinvent your entire publishing effort

Every company must be a tech company first and a media company second. It’s a saying that has been doing the rounds of the Silicon Valley almost since the turn of the century.

It is something that seasoned business leaders have known for ages: an unwritten rule that as soon as a business is big enough, it will want to acquire a media or publishing business worth it's pocket.

And that’s because, technology and media are two things that help you build massive leverage. Naval Ravikant discusses this passionately when talking about how individuals can and will build wealth in the 21st Century.

Therefore, you can see that the saying is still as good as gold. Just that it’s applied differently in the present context.

You see, digital marketing and content marketing burst upon the scene post-2010. Along with it, the various macro and micro-blogging and vlogging platforms have been coming in and going out like fireflies.

Today, 77% of companies globally use social media to connect with their users. For 41% of these, social media is a significant revenue driver. It makes sense too, since about 4.9 billion people in the world (remember, total human population numbers 8.1 billion, as of September, 2023) now use social media (again, 2023 stats). What’s truly staggering is that the average number of platforms a single user is on rounds off to 6 or 7.

That requires businesses to think and act like media companies on steroids.

It is also practically like any major publisher acing their media operations out there. It’s a challenge as we know it even for media publishing companies, let alone run-of-the-mill businesses trying to do their best at their day job.

New reality is that owning your media, building your social media presence, and engaging with your customers while accessing the latest data insights has become a part of the day job at most companies, from construction and mining to e-commerce and more.

This is why we at Quintype are most impressed by what the top publishers are doing. We look at them as a beacon of hope and insights for those who want to up their content and media publishing game.

Whether you operate a multi-user gaming blog hitting millions of pageviews every month or a niche blog looking to scale traffic and engagement. Or, a simple vlog thriving on user-generated content filtered through your multi-million dollar product or brand page… the list is endless, really. And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.

As long as you need to strengthen your publishing game, you need a Newsroom CMS to streamline your operations. If you haven’t got one already, in which case, you need to check out Quintype.

For us, it’s a simple case of looking at all of our 200+ clients from around the world, some of whom are turning up aces day in and day out. All because they are free to do their best in terms of strategy and quality while our technology takes care of the rest.

And by rest, I mean the following:

Security, a non-negotiable

Quintype is a Newsroom CMS built on proprietary code, unlike some of the most popular CMSes in the world, such as WordPress, Drupal, and others that are open-source. Being open-source makes these systems more vulnerable to a variety of cybersecurity attacks that exploit commonly known loopholes in their code.

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Press Reboot: The Newsroom CMS to reinvent your entire publishing effort
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Press Reboot: The Newsroom CMS to reinvent your entire publishing effort

No-code tools for faster time to market

If you’re a small- to medium-sized publisher, you stand to benefit greatly from the wide range of SEO-optimised news website templates our platform provides you with to refresh layouts on the fly.

Indirectly, we help you with the design, development and maintenance of your website and mobile app since you can bypass the stage where you hire an agency of developers to design, develop, and maintain your website or app. We ensure that our templates offer the latest in user interface and are updated periodically.

Built-in SEO

For us, SEO is not an optional endeavour. SEO optimisation for passing core web vitals is built into our offer. It’s the standard at Quintype delivered through built-in SEO tools, unlike WordPress, which requires you to add additional plugins.

SEO score checker, schema markups, AMP pages and AMP stories, plagiarism checker, image processors, elastic search, and news sitemaps are the default features of our built-in SEO tool.

Quintype also provides a Google index prompt on every new story published, which helps Google crawlers index the news faster and appear in Google News in a couple of seconds post publishing it online.

Easier access to a reliable CDN

Publishers at times, make choices that complicate their access to a robust Content Delivery Network. It ends up being a cumbersome and costly effort requiring regular developer support and maintenance services. At Quintype, we work with multiple providers to ensure the highest uptimes and reliability across time zones.

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Press Reboot: The Newsroom CMS to reinvent your entire publishing effort

Integrate seamlessly

Our proprietary CMS is flexible and open enough to allow you to seamlessly integrate with numerous channels, be it Print, Social Media, Newsletters, Notifications, Screenless devices & more. Visualise your Digital Asset Management as well as Media Asset Management running smoothly with complete visibility at all times.

Quintype integrates with 100+ tools to enable you to leverage existing investments

Grow audience engagement

At Metype by Quintype, we’re the favourite audience engagement platform for many of the leading content publishers because we offer a host of advanced features at an attractive price. Also, it is the only audience engagement platform where you only pay for comments you receive.

Essentially, if you’re an indie blogger trying to grow your reach and engagement, Metype by Quintype can give you growth up to 1,000 comments for free. You can integrate it with your existing system regardless of the platform you’re on, including WordPress.

Content monetisation

Efficient content monetisation strategies are critical in an age where publishers are battling for every cent of the advertising dollar being spent online while trying to keep their operational costs low.

Our content monetisation tool helps you create multiple monetisation models, keeping subscription and paywall management at the centre.

Quintype’s relevance goes way beyond with its advanced analytics and distribution capabilities. It makes sure your content is delivered to the right audiences for maximising engagement, earning it the top advertising dollar as well as subscription revenues. The result is that it steadily helps you grow brand trust among your online audiences.

Ready to reinvent your entire publishing effort. Let's start with a personalised walk-through of the AI-powered Digital Experience Platform

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