Personalized Reader Experience Using Chatbots In Digital Publishing

Wondering how chatbots could benefit the reader experience on your website? Look no further.
Chatbots in publishing
Chatbots in publishing

Chatbots have been around for quite some time and they’ve made digital exploration significantly easier. However, when you think of chatbots with regards to content, what comes to mind?

BBC was one of the first platforms to use chatbots. It introduced a new way for readers to reach and get information from websites. BBC made use of chatbots in a smart way wherein the bots reduced the time of having to navigate through the page to find a story. Readers could also ask questions regarding the story to the chatbots. Journalists could add simple information that helps provide better context and understanding of the larger issue. For instance, if there is news about North Korea's relations with another country, it would be helpful to know about the country’s foreign policy and past interactions. Having a chat bot set up would ensure that the reader’s don’t have to leave the page to gather this information. This also helps people to stick with the news as they have enough context on the matter to continue reading on.

Chatbots have been compelling publishers to experiment with a different content format.

Rather than writing long paragraphs about the history and development of events regarding a story, one can use chatbots to answer questions in a clear and concise manner.

The chatbots can give readers all available history on the matter, snowball stories and more. The primary points covered by the publisher in the past can also be resurfaced through the chatbots. It ensures that the content loop is maintained without pushing the readers away from the website.

For readers who aren't keeping abreast with political or sports stories, having a chatbot to ask questions can help immensely. Often, when met with a term that is confusing or a story that has history associated, readers move over to youtube or social media to seek information available.

Having a chatbot that gives them all the information in a concise way would help publishers keep their readers and increase engagement time significantly.

It can also help people understand matters that otherwise would overwhelm them. Business updates, sport stories and internal affairs could be broken down to simpler consumable bits through chatbots without diluting your news story.

If reporters have additional information that would make the article bulky, they could add it to the chatbot for those who are interested to consume.

Personalized reader experience
Personalized reader experience
Bots help demystify complicated stories and expand the range of the story.

It helps to look at your audience as people with half to little information - do not assume they know enough about this story - give them information about the people involved, the geographic relevance, the history, the reason for the hype behind the story and more. Journalists can be much more involved with stories through chatbots and deliver content in an effective way.

It can be difficult to imagine the scope of chatbots across different vertices. You can have chatbots embedded on any page of your site to help customers make decisions across your site - be it regarding news stories, affiliate links, or purchases of your print editions. A well placed chatbot will offer assistance and promote engagement on your platform be it website or mobile app. Combined with effective communication and customer service, chatbots can boost user experience and overall retention rates. Chatbots gives you access to powerful marketing across your website/app.

Chatbots help provide a personalized experience to all your readers. They can be used to deliver hyper specific recommendations and advice to website visitors. Your chatbot could be the guide for your digital content that helps capture user’s needs, their feedback, the preferences etc. It could also help define your target audience and provide information that can help you further enhance their personalized experience.

You can use chatbots to cut down the time of having them take surveys and skip to questions that matter.

You can use them to gather feedback in an organic way and use the information to construct your content marketing strategy. The bots also improve the quality of user experience on your website by giving users a space to shoot questions without a waiting time.You can use the bots to monitor the audience behavior and find the friction points. Use your chatbots to bridge the gaps in the user's face while engaging with your website.

While chatbots are replacements for human support, they provide a more customized and engaging experience to customers.

Using insights like geographic location, past queries, and behavior chat bots can give you access to a whole new sphere of user experience.

While we encourage the use of chatbots, it’s also important to look into which engagements you want to be automated in your website. You can have the larger informational chunk led by chatbots and have some interactions with your audience done manually. Bots can take care of the questions that need quick responses and you can have a dedicated team look into questions that are more open-ended.

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