Optimizing news for google discover

Optimizing news for google discover

Here’s how Google Discover can help you AMP up your game

What is Google Discover?

Google discover is an extension of the search engine that helps users get access to content that they are most likely to find interesting. Google caters to its users through close observation of user activity on the browser. Google discover curates digital content for users. Netizens are given suggestions based on their previous searches. This helps “discover” new content that falls into some degree of relevance thereby promoting content across the web.

How is it different from Google News

It’s important to note here that Google Discover is different from Google News. Users can search for news stories on google news and get relevant information published by other credible sources listed. While Google Discover allows users to find new content without them having to search - it suggests content they’re most likely to enjoy.

Optimizing Content for Google Discover

Google has updated Discover, it helps create better traffic and is customized for mobile users - a simple swipe can enable an easy dive into content one enjoys. The content created on the web gets its fair share of traffic if it is optimized for Google Discover. The software recommends suggestions before users even type in a search - taking the keyword based search out the window.

Google segregates a whole plethora of content based on search behavior for each individual user. Google allows you to track traffic you get from discover. Information such as - how often does your content pop up on discover, the best of your content on discover, and the volume of traffic to your site. This helps you find out what are the search trends and how to focus on discover as a tool to promote your content.

These are the ways Google has upgraded the discover -

  • Query to query-less searches

  • From answers to journeys/experiences

  • A visually stimulated way of discovering data

Google discover enhances the scope of finding new data that the users may not have otherwise landed on. Google Discover now promotes - news articles, images, videos, webstories, blogs and more. So how do you go about optimizing your content for Google’s discover?


Google is constantly bringing in updates to filter the content available on the web to provide the users the best quality content. Ergo, you need to ensure that your content is relevant, extremely informative and useful. Using long tailed keywords, semantic keywords and adding high quality multimedia can further improve your chances of getting traffic from Discover. While creating your content, it’s also important to look into what the netizens are looking for on the web around this topic. What are the common questions used and phrases thrown around? Answer questions to the most searched topics in a clear and concise way to observe results.

Visuals matter

Google Discover urges content creators to optimize their visual content in order to rank higher. You need to be updating content online regularly and embedding suitable visual content like images, reels, videos etc. The multimedia element adds a dimension to the otherwise flat content - google discover filters through for content that is the most interactive and engaging for their users - this is your chance to shine through!

Optimize for Google

Google is one of the biggest search engines out there. This means that you must prioritize optimizing your content to google’s standards in order to get better visibility. Google is coming up with new guidelines for publishers to adhere to so that they can observe better results and performance on the search. Look out for themes like - Search Engine rating, Needs Met rating, etc. Taking a technical approach can help you curate a better experience for Google users.

Ask your community to help

Google discover is personalized and can be further personalized by the users. Each individual behavior is closely inspected to provide the most relevant information to each user’s screen. As a publisher, ask your readers/community to interact more with your content on the Discover page. They could bookmark content. Ask them to add your content to their collections, this increases your credibility and overall reader loyalty. As more people follow your content and trust you as a source, google gets the hint that you create helpful and layered content.

AMP it up

Discover focuses largely on the mobile-first crowd. If your page is lagging, it’s probably not going to rank well let alone appear on Discover. If your site takes longer to load, your competitors with faster loading times will most likely get the majority of the traffic you deserve. Optimizing for Google Accelerated mobile pages is crucial. This ensures better user experience and overall improvement in your visibility.


Optimizing your content for Google search alone won’t do any longer. Google Discover helped publishers achieve a 5% increase in click through rate. The platform has extended what we bracketed as personalized experience on the web. As Google Discover continues to create better UX it’s time to buckle up and make your content Google Discover-able!