Marketing Trends 2022
Marketing Trends 2022

Marketing Trends For News Publishers In 2022

Trends you should look out for in 2022 for marketing.

Written by: Amala

Marketing trends are ever changing as the internet expands in ways we cannot foresee. However it’s important to jump on trends that resonate with the audience so that you don’t miss out on opportunities that can benefit you. As publishers, content marketing can get stagnant, which is why looking at new content channels and virtual platforms is crucial. Invest your creativity in the new spaces to gauge your digital presence and impact.

Influencer marketing

As influencer marketing is gaining more traction, in 2022 this trend will only go up. Marketing efforts have started going away from traditional ads to influencers as the target audience is more defined. There will be more weight put on long term influencer relationships to create strategies that last longer and influence a set crowd.

The micro influencer strategy is where brands approach influencers, who have small groups of loyal content consumers to promote their product/service in-order to avoid social media fatigue. It has increased by 130% since 2020. What they lack in followings is mitigated by their strong engagement.


On the Metaverse, marketers can socialize, create content in the virtual space and monetize it using blockchain technology. The metaverse is linked to NFTs and cryptocurrencies that monetize interactions through digital products/services. It is a new virtual space for marketing teams to expand their creative efforts.

News Publisher Growth
News Publisher Growth

Privacy Marketing

Keeping privacy at the center, brands like Apple have built entire marketing strategies. This is because as more netizens participate, the need for digital privacy is increasing.

Trying to sneak in secret data from users on the web or through apps can cause discredit and a lack of trust from users. Netizens have communicated their need for privacy policies and practices across various channels. Social media platforms, and search engines have started paying close attention to protecting privacy - this is a trend that will only continue with further digital empowerment of users.

Short Form content

The attention span of the internet users is coming down steadily. Long form articles are being cut down to bite sized web stories, blogs have audio versions published along with them and TikTok is popular as ever. Short Form content is seeing popularity in 2022, something marketing teams can benefit from. Brands have started designing concise and short content - be it images, videos, or audio ads - 30 secs is the new 15 min slot.

Audio content

Voice search is catching on - Google assistant, Siri and Alexa are making audio content more relevant than ever! From mobile phones to smart watches - audio content has shifted the way we consume content. Paperbacks are now available on audible, google searches no longer need to be typed, podcasts are just as popular as shows!

Audio content will only rise in 2022 and brands need to start making audio focused content to open a new channel of content creation and consumption.

Socially conscious marketing

Being apolitical and vague does not gain as much attention because it will never be as relevant as it’s opposite. Brands are seen building ads that are more reflective of society. Sometimes this could be promoting social movements, or ideologies. It shows that the brand extends their support to the concerns of the people.

Socially conscious marketing efforts are much more remarkable than their blander counterparts. From bigger brands like Nike, we can learn a thing or two. Have a PSA but communicate your brand voice while you’re at it.