Is your automobile website ready?

Is your automobile website ready?

Wondering how to build an automobile website? Here are a few tips!

The automobile industry sure has faced quite the blow this past year. However, it isn’t up for debate that it requires a dynamic website that drives audiences in. What can you do other than pushing the key highlights to engage the audience?

You can invest in a better website.

To communicate effectively with your audience, build a website that translates your energy. Steady content, feature specific images, and video reviews are some of the fundamental elements.

When a person spends around 59% of the time while deciding to buy an automobile, researching on the web, you need to ensure you’re up for the game.

What does your website lack? 

Run your Listicles right

Best cars of 2020? Top 10 car dealerships? Maybe even car rankings! These are some of the exciting listicles your audience appreciates. Investing in the right cms and a front end tool that allows you to customize your website, could be a game-changer.

Video Reviews

Want to give your audience the complete experience through a video? An obvious move would be to get a CMS for automobile website. One that helps you embed videos easily. Bold happens to fit the description. You can even publish live with bold!

Get the right quality videos and embed them onto your website with a simple click.

Up your Multimedia standards

The right flash, the best camera or even the right photographer won’t add up unless your CMS can handle it. Use high definition images, animation, and flaunt them on your website.

Use multiple layouts, create image galleries, and post image-heavy content with ease.

Ratings and review

How many reviews is enough? As many as possible.

Getting the right reviews up is always challenging. Streamline that user-generated content through interactive tools like Metype. Put up ratings and reviews and customize your website to show them off! With the right front-end tools, this can be easy.

Update reviews and rating with the cardified editor, manage toxicity levels of comments with Metype and highlight your user generated content with finesse.


Embed videos, text, links, and images with the Bold CMS. Our cardified editor can help make content interlinking easy, allowing you to save time on repetitive tasks.

Have suggestions for readers? Manage related stories with a smart front end tool and help navigate your readers throughout the website.


Content creators for your website can now have easy access to SEO analytics on their dashboard. Ensure you rank high on search engines with Bold’s built-in SEO scores that will help you curate relevant stories and enjoy maximum audience engagement.

Auto shows

Have an auto show? Publish live stories through Bold CMS and don’t let your audience miss out on any of the details! With the live feature, you’re able to write and post live videos in real-time with no interference.

Website performance

With heavy images, advertisements and animations, how do you ensure your website remains reader friendly?

Well with the right support, your website can look fabulous without it impacting the reader’s experience. Readers can enjoy the content without any disruption.

Get the right support with Quintype’s products and enjoy a fast loading website that is built to handle the traffic.

Here’s how Quintype stands out

Building an automobile website can be easy but doing it right, that’s the tricky bit. If you want to have control over the visual elements of your website, the front-end namely, without learning to code, Ahead's page builder is a great tool. You have access to layouts and themes you know will work.

Investing in the Bold CMS means you can push your native content across all devices and channels without any hassle. Built for the digital space, Bold understands a lot of the common troubles you may face and therefore takes care of a lot of roles - scheduled publishing, Image focus point, live stories are just a few of the tricks.

Quintype further offers the monetization tool - Accesstype that allows you to make easy subscription plans for your website. It takes care of easy payment transactions and allows you to keep a track of your readers. Metype, the interaction tool, allows you to engage with the audience and manage feedback.

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