How will apps change audience engagement

How will apps change audience engagement

Have you noticed the increase in the readership of publishers who have introduced apps the right way? Here are a few ways you can increase audience engagement through apps.

Audience engagement is an essential metric for any business to measure success. It helps publishers understand the behavior of their audience by giving enough information to see how your content is being received.

At Quintype, we’ve had the opportunity to watch and help our clients get improved results with our react native apps. We've been able to help Bridge Chronicle, Swarajya and Bar and Bench with their app building process. Bar and Bench, a popular legal news daily, with a renowned reputation decided to build a native app with us. Bar and Bench are popular for the value of their content - news and insight into the legal proceedings The app was built to extend their efforts with a better user experience for their audience.

Bar and Bench witnessed a 2x growth since the launch of their app. This just goes on to show that having an app, in the digital publishing industry, can work to your advantage. We’ve watched our clients attract more audiences and grow. Apps are a great way to provide users a personalized experience on their mobile device.

How does one go about approaching apps? Once you have an app, with your native content, there are certain metrics that will help you navigate your attempts to establish a satisfied audience.

Mobile app engagement and retention are two metrics that give you a real idea about how your app is doing. Brands are ready to spend huge stacks of money to acquire users but retaining the existing ones is just as important. Once you’ve acquired users through ads or organic campaigns the next hill to climb is user retention.

Mobile app engagement and retention are essential. Engagement describes how active your users are on the app. This is a subjective metric and researchers state that highly engaged users participate in 11 or more app sessions a month.

Without active users, a high rate of downloads wouldn't add much value. You have to encourage users to actively participate. This could be through comments, likes, upvotes or even shares.

Retention is another subjective however it does translate if the content is absorbed as you intend it to. Mobile app user retention as a user returns to the app, at least 1x within 30 days is the benchmark. You may have your own expectations, it’s important to keep a check on your mobile app user behavior.

App permissions must be presented the right way

It’s important to do permissions the right way. Otherwise, users may not actively engage with your app. Timing, context, tone, language and messaging are important elements that you should consider while setting app permissions. It's important to have a plan to know how to deal with users who either by accident or purposely deny the requests. Having a smooth experience may not count for much but a rough one definitely will.

Users have no time for lags

Consumers are demanding today. As products evolve and the internet becomes more democratic, speed has been taken for granted. If your app doesn’t load on time, then viewers will go on a search for one that does.

At Quintype, we prioritize speed because we know that's what the viewers want. If your app isn't quick and dependable then it’s only a matter of time before it’s uninstalled.

Are your push notifications working?

Apps work better than websites because they integrate with the mobile phones of the users and work in sync without readers having to visit the website. Having a thousand notifications can annoy your user and they may turn them off.

Curate them as per the article and push them as and when you’d like. Based on the user behavior, you can also send them personalized notifications that are more in tune with their search/consumption behavior.

Mobile apps are an effective way to integrate your content into the user’s mobile phone. This comes with the added responsibility, once they’ve downloaded the app, they must want to visit it often and interact with ease.

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