How do you build an impressive photography website?

How do you build an impressive photography website?

Everything you need to know about building a photography website Bring your digital gallery to life with the right CMS

Photography is often described as the next best thing after paintings. The love of photography has aided the growth of smartphones and their high-quality cameras. Even with the democratization of photography, professional photographers are never looked down on.

People sort out photography websites for a multitude of reasons. It could be to admire perspectives, learn, draw inspiration from, or as in this blog’s case, to support a point.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

We live in a visual world. We learn and comprehend better when given visual assistance. We’ve also been spoilt with the best quality photographs.

How do you build an impressive website?

Here are a few features you’d need to look for in a CMS for maintaining a photography website.

1. Workflow

How do you manage your photographers? While expecting them to stick to their desks might not be the best idea, it can get difficult to maintain workflow and access.

With a smart CMS, you can set access, roles and restrictions for all your team. This helps invite more freelancers and widen your team without having to worry.

2. Easy to collaborate

Your team of writers and photographers can now work together directly on the bold CMS. You can distribute responsibilities and it doesn't have to affect the pace of the story.

3. Image resolution

Very basic, we know. But in case it slips out, always remember you’d want to set a standard resolution for your website. Bold, for instance, helps you drag and drop high-resolution images.

The better the resolution, the better the experience is. Bold also helps you maintain an image gallery, this means you can add to your collection at your convenience and have them uploaded where relevant later.

4. Responsive

Does your CMS provide you with instant previews? Bold does! Check out what the story looks like for your mobile audience with a click. This helps you give a uniform experience across all devices. You can also set focus appropriately.

5. Narrative options

While your photograph is still, your website doesn’t have to. Using visual or video story templates will help you keep the content diverse without affecting the essence of your content.

6. Make it social

Not everyone is a photographer but everyone can click a photo. Engage your readers by pushing your content onto all social media platforms. This can be tiresome if you are expected to do it on your own, thankfully, Bold is taught to auto-share.

7. Presentation matters

Does your front end empower you or push you between rigid margins? With our front end management system, Ahead, you get to be in control.

Choose the way your photographs are presented and the overall user experience without learning to code. Use our layout customization control to bring your digital gallery to life.

8. Monetize Right

Are your collections underrated? Don’t let the pressure of free content get to you! Monetize content while also providing your readers with a teaser to your website.

Get support for affiliate sales with Accesstype. It allows you to form packages that work for a diverse range of readers. With easy mobile payment options, accesstype makes monetization as easy as a swipe.

9. Collections can guide

Use your visual art of storytelling effectively. Categorize content as collections to navigate your readers from one page to the next.

This also helps you keep readers in a loop.

10. Push Notifications

Mobile users can be targeted easily with interesting push notifications. Stay relevant and push them updates through notifications. It helps bring back loyal readers as well as get attention from potential readers.

11. Advertisements

With the help of cards, you can place programmatic ads wherever you please on your website.

12. SEO

You need to be able to access SEO scores from your desktop. This helps you generate more content that is relevant to your reader-base.

It also helps you rank high up in the search engines and discover pages.

How can we help?

Well, Bold does everything mentioned and more! Bold helps you stay ahead of the game. With easy third party integrations, you have nothing to worry about. Our monetization solution, accesstype will help you make the money your content deserves. Our front end management system, Ahead helps you customize your website and show your brand identity without spending months!

Having omnichannel distribution, scheduled publishing, and a mobile CMS, Bold has you covered. With Quintype’s suite of products, you can build an app in days, handle a million page views, and have control over your website. Sound good? Click here to know more.