Everything you need to know about building a fashion website

Everything you need to know about building a fashion website

Here are some tools to get your fashion website ahead in the game.

Fashion could be the vintage 1860’s jacket paired with Gucci shoes and pants from that indie designer with 300k followers. The billion-dollar industry didn’t arise overnight. It has stayed relevant over the decades.

From Instagram posts to extensive blogs, readers subscribe to their style from the most credible fashion gurus. The content around fashion engulfs everything from clothing, make-up, shopping to popular events, and shows celebrating fashion.

The business insider forecasts that fashion and style brands would spend up to $15 billion by 2022. How do you navigate this large user base to your website?

Categorizing with Collections 

You may have a lot to offer, your expertise only comes through if it’s presented well. With the right front-end management, you can have your reader engage better with the content.


Find categories that are most relevant to your reader base and create timely collections with a smart CMS, like Bold!

Monetising today

A billion-dollar industry is a safe place to count on. With more niche bloggers coming to the forefront, fashion content is getting hyperlocal. Street style from the streets of Taiwan makes it to Paris fashion week.

Having niche coverage helps engage the audience at a grassroots level while maintaining a global appeal.

Monetization while maintaining a local interest can be very successful. Introducing the concept of memberships, holding meetups for members, giving a chance for a community to get together and express themselves, add to a more holistic experience. Accesstype, for instance helps create subscription packages and memberships that help you regulate your content and your subscribers.

Workflow and Interactions

Limit your writer’s access with the right content management system. Inviting guest writers doesn’t have to be a chore.

Style is associated with varied personas. Having more freelancers and influencers contributing will only heighten the reader base. With the right workflow and author-specific access, you get better traffic with lesser hassle.


Your reader base can also contribute to your content. With an effective interaction tool like Metype, you can have a platform wherein readers can share their tips and tricks, which has room to develop its essence.

Be SEO smart

Reader’s like to get notified about the latest trends. Staying updated with the emerging trends and the mainstream ones can keep you relevant in search feeds. Studying SEO analytics of stories is helpful to prioritize relevant subjects.

Another way to stay relevant is by using push notifications efficiently.

Keeping up with the trendy topics and searches will guide you to make the right content choices. Use the inbuilt SEO provided by Bold, to study your reader’s interests and pump out more content that is relevant and appreciated.

Build an app 

User experience has taken a leap since the popularity of apps. With solutions like react native, you can build your native app within days. Make your content accessible and integrated into mobile phones and laptops. This will help you penetrate user-relevant content.

Use Templates

The appeal factor of your website comes from the templates you design or choose. The digital media has accepted a few successful layouts, these are tossed around and used widely. With Ahead’s Page Builder, the layout customization tool from Quintype, you get the best performing templates.

Customize your website according to your brand and your target audience.

Mobile-friendly CMS

Fashion is timeless. So should your reporting be!

Having a mobile-friendly CMS would help you draft and publish stories when you’re on the move. Having maximum control over layout and workflow is a definite add on.

Emphasize Images

https://manofmany.com https://garconjon.com

Viewers like high-quality images but they don’t like waiting for them to load to get to the story. Manage your image gallery, drag and drop images, and set resolutions through a smart CMS.

Be everywhere 

From right swipes to the upward scrolls, social media has steadily come with ways to become integral. Having your posts pushed out on your social media handles is very important. Regular and consistent content can help you stay in the loop. Getting a CMS that can auto-share can save you a lot of time, and trouble!

Keeping up with trends, new regulations, and discussions on social media, specifically around the industry, can help you gain better traffic.

Multimedia is important


A good visual story, a fast-paced mashup, even a well-designed photo gallery increases the chances of your content getting noticed. High-quality images are basic at this point.

Manage traffic well

With a good story or a breaking story, you can gain some attention. Would your website be able to deal with it? Ensuring supreme user experience even when your traffic has a surge, is of primal importance.

While you stay busy with fashion weeks, skincare myths and Instagram OOTDs, get technology that will back you up and not the other way around. With the right tools, you'll be able to focus more on content while your CMS takes care of all the extra work.

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