Digital ads : Are they going to make money

Digital ads : Are they going to make money

Looking into digital advertisements for content creators today

People are spending enough time online for us to actually consider a metaverse personality and reality. This is supported by the increasing accessibility of fast speed internet. The popularity of digital media continues to thrive on all the free content it delivers to its end users. So how do publishers or content creators afford all this free content they’re churning? 

Digital advertisements help make a significant portion of the revenue for publishers and creators. They also have platforms like Patreon where their subscribers can directly send them money to show support. While donations and subscriptions can really help publishers, digital ads bring in a revenue boost that simply cannot be overlooked. 

64% of people say they’ve been influenced to buy something by watching a video online. 52% of buying decisions can be traced back to Facebook. Digital advertisements are paid for by the advertiser based on the reach of the publisher. They can display ads, videos, audio-bites or even advertorials. 

The uniqueness of digital advertising

Digital ads are a world apart from the traditional advertisements one is used to on a billboard or on paper. It’s got many layers and is immersive in more ways than one. Digital ads can be seen on search engines, social media platforms, websites and more. They help the content creators right back for giving them this space and the viewership. This means there’s room for collaboration. Advertisers search for websites and pages that see a lot of relevant traffic and bring in creative ads to fill the space. They also take the viewer right to the source of information/purchase thereby negating any gap.

Digital ads can also be word of mouth, comic strips, testimonials and more. The format is never restricted. The content can also be easily updated and is ever changing to keep up with the demands of readers. What’s also unique about digital ads is the amount of feedback it leans on while delivering ads. The click-rates, bounce rates and more are looked into closely to monitor the success of these ads which ensures that readers are not bombarded with these ads but at the same time do find relevant ads in spaces where they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable by it.  

How do digital ads work?

Digital Ads are made by using internet-based advertising tools to do thorough research, manage, track, analyze and improve advertising campaigns. If done effectively, the ads integrate seamlessly with your target reader’s user experience on the website guiding them to the product/service being advertised. It does so in a natural and non-intrusive way.

Digital ads can be personalized extensively and targeted way more efficiently to maximize relevance to your target customer. This, in turn, maximizes conversion rates for advertisers. The digital media also allows you to track every step of the customer which is made in relation to your ad. 

Why should you implement digital ads 

As a publisher, one of your constant concerns is going to be making revenue. Digital advertising allows you to make those extra dollars to meet all your bills while allowing you the room to offer free content to draw more readers in. For a website, having front-end control will help you manage and design your ad space in a way that is more conducive to both your readers and advertisers. This is possible with tools such as - Ahead, where publishers can easily manage ads and come up with effective strategies to build better user experience. 

You can also use your social media presence for digital ads too. People are no longer tuning into traditional ad hubs like TV shows or awards to avoid the mirage of ads. In fact many platforms run subscriptions that are solely bought to avoid the ads. This is where digital news media comes in. Over 83% of people use the internet regularly. While there are platforms that run on subscription only, there are others that provide a more lenient and affordable subscription plan with the slight sprinkle of ads. This can help you provide affordable plans and increase your reach without having to compromise on the quality of your content due to lack of funds. It’s important to ensure that the ad experience in your site isn’t intrusive or forceful.