Creating content that spreads

Creating content that spreads

Focus on your content on your attempt to increase traffic by careful strategies and these simple habits

Creating content that has that share-ability factor is extremely important in this day and age. It’s what makes the content viral. The passing on of content can make or break your story analytics. Standing tall, despite all the noise from your audience and competitors, takes a lot of effort,  so here are some pointers to help you out. 

Look at your target audience

For any content creator knowing and understanding one’s target audience is key. Short form content is the buzz today and the only way to get it right is by knowing your audience through and through. You need to be specific, you should be able to narrow down your content. This ensures that not only is your content intriguing but that it’s one of a kind. 

Stick to your roots 

Here's the self love angle to it. Although we encourage you to try new trends and technology on this blog page, when it comes to content it’s good to relay on your original content. You already have content that is getting traffic on its own - clearly you’re doing something right. Learn from it and do more of it. Analytics will show you what you’re doing right - expand on it. It’s not always about the trend, remember your followers like you for you - hold true to that. 

Strike them with your content

As we keep chanting, good content is always going to market itself. When it comes to creating content that spreads, it’s important that we address the need to create good content that is pointed and thought provoking.You can’t have grey content floating around. You need stuff people would look at, have an emotional engagement with and then share. Inspire them, make them think, get them talking. 

Lead with the headline

A good headline takes a lot of effort. Writing a fun informative paragraph does you no good if you don’t have the right headline preceding it. A headline is what one reads first. It needs to grab attention. It also needs to tell people what they’ll get from the content. Give them reason to read your content and make sure they’re interested to read your content by your headline. 

Every platform is different 

One cannot mass produce content today. Well, technology will help you do this but for best results, it’s vital that you curate content based on your audience behavior on each platform. For instance, you can write a 2000 word article on your blog page/ website and expect readers to read it. You cannot do the same on your Instagram/Facebook page. On Instagram, you might prioritize a more visual story and properly add captions to Instagram Reels, whereas on Facebook you might lead with a video.

This will help your content get more shelf life and help your readers interact better with your stories on each platform. 

Don’t forget about analytics 

No matter which platform you are on, there's an algorithm playing against or with you. While creating content that is shareable it’s crucial that one looks at analytics. This is how you keep track of the overall impressions and interactions with your content. This can also help you prioritize some platforms over the other. 

Content accessibility 

This is one that a lot of us forget. For anyone to share your content and for it to go viral, it’s important that everyone can access it. You may notice how video content does largely better than simple text. There’s also a surge in the average podcast listening duration. As technology advances and as more people participate on the web, it’s important to have content in formats that is most accessible to the audience. 


Creating good content is the goal of all publishers. However, it is only when this content gets shared by the lot that it succeeds in achieving its value. We’ve listed a few ways you can ensure that your content gets shared. Remember to encourage your readers to share your content by providing them an interface that makes this easy.