Create your Hyperlocal News website

Create your Hyperlocal News website

Starting your hyperlocal news website? Start right with the technical support that has got your back!

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For the interest of niche and local communities, hyperlocal news is always trending. It is highly specific and has a clear target. This approach to news is appreciated as it domesticates news and proves useful with immediate effect.

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Things you’d need to create a hyperlocal news website

Listicles for unseen places in the area

A List of the most popular places, perhaps those that are abandoned or even those of historic significance, get noticed easily.

The essence of hyperlocal stories is held high with the right listicles. Be it “Top food places” or the oldest residents, the right listicles provide the right change of layout while also allowing quick access to information.

User Generated Content

Giving the locals a chance to document their stories is a great way of reporting. This provides a fresh perspective and usually one that’s backed with more focus on details.

Readers can give feedback, add to a story, or even just modify any bits through an easy interface. A good example of this could be the quint, wherein members and users have access to submitting their news stories directly from the app.

Mobile journalism to cover all corners

Allow people to contribute directly from their phones. You can have a “My report” section whereby reporters can draft stories and submit them or they can have them published directly. This also helps you create a sense of community.

Trending stories

Get SEO scores on your dashboard with Bold cms and never miss out on your story analytics.

Is there a festival around? Or maybe someone from the community has been rewarded? Make use of trending topics to get that traffic going and rank high on search engines.

Language sensitivity

If you’re aiming to associate with a local community, there's no better way to seal the deal than better language options. Publish content in the native language and watch the participation increase. Bold makes this a cakewalk for the publisher.

Local news sharing

Having more relevant stories and ensuring the people are an important part of the story also helps you push your stories more broadly. The appeal remains inclined.

Local news stories of human interest or ones that have a sense of immediacy can be shared live with the right CMS. Publish live news stories and allow the community to be with the beat.

Polls and politics

For local communities, a source of hyperlocal news gives them a closer look at their immediate political surroundings. This is helpful during elections as people have a source to look up to.

Providing election updates, candidate information and the general testimonial is better regulated through a hyperlocal news portal. A cardified editor is a lifesaver for content like this, it helps with easy interlinking of content.


Community achievements are always accepted better. With the right layout management tool, Page builder for instance, you can have a seperate dynamic section running on your website. This allows locals a chance to celebrate and further enhance the community spirit.

Make a beautiful website with Bold cms

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Once you’ve got your website up and running, the next step for a hyperlocal news publisher is building the right app.

We’ve already taken care of the language support. You can build your app with our react native app that allows easy setup, smooth native content assistance and compatibility with both android, and ios devices.

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