Digital Magazines
Digital Magazines

10 Benefits Of Publishing Magazines Digitally

Understand the importance and benefits of publishing magazines digitally as an increasing number of publications are adding it to their business strategy.

Written by: Rashmi

Everything has been turning online since the rise of the internet. Businesses that never thought they will exist in the digital world are now thriving on the internet. One such example is the magazines.

Nowadays, every major magazine is available in digital format – from Fortune India to Grihashobha. Publishing magazines digitally ensured proper distribution even when the world stopped during the pandemic.

And that’s not it. The benefits of digital magazines capture various essential elements of business too. Read on and find out:

Wider Audience

Usually, the reach of print products is much smaller than their digital counterparts. And even if one wishes to increase the reach, it will require a significant amount of time and money.

In contrast, publishing magazines digitally offer a vast audience, both nationally and internationally. A person sitting 1000 miles can read the magazine without you having a global distribution.

Faster Publishing And Distribution

Print publishing can take days or even weeks to publish and distribute the content. However, the same process can become extremely fast with digital portals. Writers and editors can instantly publish content, and people can read the edition the very same day that it’s distributed.

Cost Effective

Since you will be publishing the magazine digitally, it can significantly reduce the overall expenditure. There would be no printing and distribution costs. You can publish the content online and get buyers and advertisers.

Faster publishing will also reduce the hours spent in traditional publishing. Also, there is no loss incurred for the copies not sold. Isn’t this a win-win situation?

Digital Content
Digital Content

Content Flexibility

It is difficult to manage the content when it comes to print publishing. If the number of pages increases, it leads to higher costs and bulky magazines.

All this takes a back seat with online publishing. You can easily add a few pages or adjust a new advertisement without a major shift in the whole layout. And since it’s digital, the issue of heavy or bulky magazines also gets sorted.

Highly Interactive

Digital magazines are more interactive than printed ones. For example, they may contain engaging images, videos, audio, or even gifs to make the content more interesting. The pop-ups and links create a two-way communication, which boosts the audience’s interest and improves the magazine’s success.

Better Ads

With higher reach and quick distribution, more and more advertisers will require spaces in your magazine. It also gives you the chance to add or even replace an ad space quickly without reprinting the magazine.

In addition, ads in digital magazines can be highly creative. They won’t just be some images but also videos or animations, meaning highly engaging content and better ads.

Better Analytics

With a digital magazine, it is easy to gain an in-depth understanding of the readers’ behaviour. Within a few clicks, you can see how many people read the magazine and how many times a particular story has been shared on social media. All the data and analytics help in refining the content to get better sales and conversions.

Easy to Store

Digital magazines – even the 100s of editions – can be easily stored in one computer. That means you do not need a safe warehouse to secure the bundles of editions that were left unsold. This will save money, space, and energy. Also, you can easily access any of the previous editions instantly.

Easy to Update

Editing in print magazines is no less than a nightmare. Once the copies are printed, it will require time and money to modify any single error. Contrary to this, digital magazines are easy to update. Just a few clicks and the errors get rectified, keeping the layout intact.


Digital publishing does not require ink, paper, or any chemical that can harm the environment. Moreover, it also takes away any chance of recycling or filling of landfills with every issue. All this makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable way of doing business

Undoubtedly, the benefits of publishing magazines digitally are many, but you also require the right tools to achieve them. We, at Quintype, have several digital publishing tools that can simplify every process for you.