Reader Revenue in Online Publishing
Reader Revenue in Online Publishing

5 ways to increase reader revenue in online publishing

Are you looking for ways to increase your revenue? Here are some points for increasing reader revenue in digital publishing.

Readers on the web are always looking for ways to save up on money. With so many platforms out there, it can be overwhelming to subscribe to all. Subscription is the digital commitment we’re all looking for. So how do you get readers to make this commitment? It’s also important to understand that reader revenue is the result of the total subscriptions made by the publisher. Increasing reader revenue can be challenging for all the obvious reasons. Here are 5 ways you can get started on increasing your reader revenue.

Audience data - Dig into it

One of the best things about digital media is the access to user behavior. You can have your readers register on your website and utilize information out there. Audience data can help you personalize experience and provide plans that better suit your audience. Having geo-focus, audience age group, reading time, online purchase behavior, are all factors that can help you create better plans for your readers.

Content is your product- pitch it

Content marketing is extremely important. Your content is always going to be the primary agent that brings readers to your website. However, publishing your content is not enough. Sell your content to your readers. Have links that guide your readers to relevant stories. Tease premium content just enough to get your readers curious enough to pay. Repurpose your content all the way. Have special covers and pitch them the right way so that your readers are both eager and committed to access your content.

Reader Revenue - Audience Data
Reader Revenue - Audience Data

Multichannel engagement

Offer links to special interest articles that will navigate the readers the right way. Having presence in multiple channels will ensure that you meet your readers at all points. This will also open up a wider space for you to meet new readers. Your content will have to be available on any platform that may benefit the reader - be it audio platforms, websites or apps.

To further enhance engagement with the audience, allow them to interact and share your content. Automate your sharing, you can use plugins so that everytime you publish a blog, it gets published on your social media.

SEO and guest posting

Understanding the search engine score of your content is important to ensure you’re improving your reach. This is for readers who don’t open your website out of habit. For those on the search engine, you will need to optimize your content so that it is discoverable. Investing in SEO will help you improve traffic and eventually reader revenue.

You can also build domain authority through backlinks via guest posting. This will also introduce to the readerbase of other publishers without having to struggle for it. Getting your content recognised across platforms can be great for your brand.

Incentive is always appreciated

Everyone likes a gift. Give away benefits that are relevant to your industry as an incentive for those who are subscribing or signing up for newsletters. This could be exclusive access to e-books, coupons on digital stores, membership benefits, referral codes and more.

Sell your content but remember to prioritize selling an experience. Having incentives will create positive associations for subscribers to come back to your website.