Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic Advertising

5 Reasons Why Publishers Need To Look At Programmatic Advertising

Older models of advertisement had problems like scalability and manual on-boarding. But programmatic advertising can solve that.

Written by: Rashmi

Technology has changed almost all aspects of the publishing business. First, it changed the way publishers published their work. Then it changed the medium of publishing from physical to digital. And now, slowly but consistently, it is changing the way publishers advertise their content.

Reaching out to individual businesses and getting their advertisement was the old model of advertisement. In today's day and age, everything is automated because of programmatic advertising. It has changed the way advertisers and publishers deal completely.

If you are a publisher, you need to look at programmatic advertising for the following five reasons:

Easy On-boarding

Reaching out to prospects, negotiating the prices, and finally closing the deal – the advertisers' on-boarding is probably the hardest step of advertising. In fact, most publishers do not struggle with getting enough readers but getting advertisers.

Programmatic advertising solves this problem by becoming the perfect mediator between publishers and advertisers. Pragmatic advertising opens doors to hundreds of advertisers on your publishing platform without any manual work.

Better user experience
Better user experience

More Scalable

News stories, magazine articles, and other types of content can go viral any day. Publishers should be prepared to monetize on huge traffic influx on their website and app if their content goes viral anytime.

The older advertisement model with a limited number of advertisers and limited budget did not allow publishers to monetize on such unexpected opportunities. However, programmatic advertising gives you the option of scaling. The ads will keep up with the increasing size of the audience.

Better Experience For Your Readers

Non-contextual and irrelevant ads can create a bad experience for your readers. Such ads put both advertisers and publishers in a bad light in front of the readers. No matter how good the quality of your content is, if the overall experience of your reader is not good, your bounce rate will increase.

Pragmatic can improve the reader experience by offering only relevant and contextual ads. Most programmatic advertising platforms leverage consumer and prospect data integrated from various sources and use that data to drive only relevant communication.

Brand Safe Advertisement

When a publisher is working with multiple advertisers at a time, it is not possible to do a background check of every advertiser thoroughly. Sometimes, publishers realize later their brand values are not aligning with that of a publisher. In such a case, it is better to stop the ads in order to save your brand value.

In the older model of advertisement, there were umpteen number of contracts in place that created friction in stopping the advertisements. But with programmatic advertisement, all you need to do is tap on a few buttons, and the ads will stop instantly.

The Future of Advertisement

In the past four years, global programmatic advertisement spending has increased from 68.2 US billion dollars to 155 US billion dollars. Looking at the growth of programmatic advertisement, it is safe to say that the older model of advertisement might soon become an extinct species.

Publishers have to change their advertisement model along with their content if they want to keep up with the changing time. After analyzing the benefits and trends, programmatic advertisement seems like a thing publishers must try.

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