Tales from the sales department

Tales from the sales department

Sitting down with Shubhangi who's been a part of the Quintype sales team for 3 whole years!

The sales department sure makes the most noise in the office. After all that's where the clients come from! We decided to sit down with one of our sales executives and hear more about their work days!

Shubhangi, how would you define your role at Quintype?

As a Sales Professional, I take responsibility for cultivating the market success of our products. My endeavour is to help our customers generate web traction and drive revenue growth targets with our competitive and innovative SAAS based products. I help businesses work efficiently by delivering tailor made solutions meticulously engineered with precision for the new age media houses.

How has working during the pandemic been like for you?

Fantastic. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Our suite of products have reinforced my belief in quality and that Quintype a.k.a QT is a company with strong roots which has been built to last.

What's a normal day in the sales department ?

It's a funday everyday. One would usually expect to see the sales teams frantically chasing customers, not knowing what to do next, random cold calling etc.

However it is surprisingly different at QT - All our days usually start with a quick catchup meeting with all sales folks where the focus is on putting method to madness.

What follows is an organised, predictable and satisfying workday with a shared sense of clarity.

What has been your biggest career learning?

One always learns from his/her mistakes, but what separates the true performers from the rest is the ability to learn from other’s mistakes too - and that has been my mantra all along the way. The joy of learning has been indispensable. As a result of which, I now have strategic prospecting skills, I have got the entrepreneurial drive and demonstrated ability to do what I like, which is building relationships based on trust and exceeding expectations.

How would you define your work experience in the sales team?

Some wise man once said, “choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” and I couldn’t agree more with him. I must acknowledge that I have had the chance to team up with some great minds in the industry while working at QT. My experience has been nothing short of knowledge and I have learned to deliver a great customer experience and I have the ability to assess customer needs even before they know about it.

You’ve been working with QT for 3 years now. How has the experience helped you?

Quintype has helped me unlock my potential. It has promoted my creative approach to sales which has been working really well for the 3 years I've been with them.

I have evolved as a seasoned sales professional who has the ability to bounce back from the dry spells and come out even stronger.

If quintype was a friend, what kind of friend would it be?

The one you can share your secrets with and Depend on with a capital D. Quintype is a trustworthy friend, one with whom I can share all my life’s challenges, one who has my back, one who would help me stand when I fall …..the list goes on!

What according to you is the most important trait for a sales aspirant?

Honesty. A person who understands a client’s needs and has a consultative approach.

What would your journal entry look like at the end of the day?

My journal would probably read how many calls I took that day, how some of them lasted longer than I expected. How my team helped me whenever things got twisted. And maybe even a little about how something silly cracked us all up during our morning stand-up.

I’m certain the journal entry would end with a note about how I can trust these folks and lean on them.

If my journal was a canvas all entries on it would look like an artistic painting that shows joy, colors of friendship and carries the essence of togetherness.

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