Curious about the People & Culture team at Quintype?

Curious about the People & Culture team at Quintype?

We asked Nidhi Bopanna from the people and culture team how a day in the people and culture team looks like!

How would you define your role at Quintype?

I’m a part of the people and culture team taking care of employee engagement, compliance, payroll, and admin work. I look into company policy, employee relations, and more while taking responsibility for the new hires as well. This includes having one-on-one with new employees, discuss payroll, policy, benefits, etc to ensure that even though our hiring process is remote, everyone still gets a clear idea of what we do here at Quintype and what our goals are.

How has working from home been for you?

Working from home has been very productive. There is no waste of time, we’re no longer traveling to get to work. I’m able to interact with our employees easily, the work is taken care of while giving you time at home. The balance has been great.

We’re using as many tools as possible like - slack, hangout, google meet, zoom, etc to keep the conversations going. I visit the office twice a month now to manage admin work but other than that, everything is done from the comfort of my home.

What does a normal day look like for your team?

I spend a larger chunk of my time checking in with our employees from the different teams. Within our team, we each split tasks and come together for tasks that require collaboration. We work cohesively to ensure that the team has a positive work environment and manage the addition of new hires.

You’ve been working with QT for 6 years. How has it been?

I've had 6 good years with Quintype. There’s been a lot of learning, which isn’t restricted to HR.

Initially, I was taking care of a couple of things including both HR and finance. This helped me improve my work execution. Admin work is something I’ve picked up along the way and I really enjoy doing it. Looking into the smaller details has helped me focus on the right things and make changes where it matters. As we’ve switched to remote working, I’ve been able to learn new things that help me work better in this environment.

Since moving to remote working, I’ve been able to organize Fun Fridays, Independence day celebrations, Christmas secret Santa events, five-year anniversaries, etc with our larger team. We’ve embraced the digital platform and our team at Quintype has been very enthusiastic about it all.

If Quintype was a friend, what kind of friend would it be?

Quintype is an open space for vibrant minds. It’s an open- culture where everyone is friendly and ready to help. As the people and culture team, we take efforts to understand our employees. We continuously engage with them to ensure that all the smaller teams are working together.

What is the most important trait for someone who wants to be in your team?

One has to be thorough with the recruitment journey and passionate about engagement with employees. We value employee relations, with time, one can understand the company culture and function better. Within the team, we share work - recruitment, onboarding, organizing sessions, webinars, catch-ups and more. Somebody who’s willing to put effort into maintaining optimal employee interactions and who’s eager to learn, will fit perfectly in our space.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

I enjoy everything about it. It’s hard for me to pinpoint one. I enjoy engagement, quick and efficient problem solving, I find it very rewarding. I like to help improve the work-life quality of the team.

What would your journal entry look like at the end of the day?

It would probably be a list of things I did, How I proved that I was a multitasker again today. I’d make notes for the next day, mentioning highlights of the day. As I'm working from home, I’d also add how I was able to juggle both parts of my life.