Being a Product manager at Quintype

Being a Product manager at Quintype

Soumya has been working with Quintype for over three years!

Soumya, How would you define your role at Quintype?

I am a product manager for Page-Builder at Quintype. I am responsible for managing a team of developers, designers, and QA. I also take up the charge of running the roadmap for the product and managing the product.

As a team, we operate in sprints. The team knows the tasks for the next two weeks. My role also includes having to decide on the roadmap and breaking it down into tasks so that it can be taken by the team.

We have daily catch-ups with the design team to ensure that the products are standing exactly where and how we want them to.

How has working from home been for you?

I work from 9:15 to 6 PM from home and it is convenient. But I really miss meeting people at work and having an office to go to.

Going to the office is always fun. It’s a lightly filled office space and working there has always been fun. I also liked that we had two floors - the mobility is something I miss now. Having said that the quality of work has been the same. I do miss the office setting, whenever we have conferences or discussions.

What does a normal day look like?

We have daily stand-ups where we check in on the work done and the progress we need to make. We work on the assigned tasks, as per the sprint. We have at least one meeting every day along with the occasional on-call issue. Any issue brought to the front by the sales team is also coordinated.

You've been working with Quintype for 3 years. How has it been?

It’s been a great journey. I started with attempting to understand what happens at the client-side. I wanted to run something on my own and I’m glad that Quintype gave me the opportunity to work on that - as a product manager.

It has been a friendly, positive experience and I have grown into the shoes of a product manager.

If quintype was a friend, what kind of friend would it be?

One who is always at ease and one who’s very reliable. And is always eager to rise to any occasion.

What is the most important trait for someone who wants to be on your team?

The right attitude. Interest in the product, the willingness to learn, and a bias for action. You must also be a team player.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

I am in the business of creation with a great bunch of people. We work closely with journalists and have an impact in the digital publishing space, I really appreciate that. I like the industry we cater to.

What would your journal entry look like at the end of the day?

It’s been a good day at work. I got x number of tasks completed. Y more to go. How can we pace up at Quintype?