Keeping quality high and costs low. 
For publishers, the reality is brutal.

Keeping quality high and costs low. For publishers, the reality is brutal.

As a news or media publisher, the features that Drupal allows you are not your biggest concern. The operational costs are. Here’s why you should be looking at Quintype instead.

Drupal is among the world’s top three most popular content management systems. Fact is that Drupal is the choice of the big guns from anywhere in the world. Some of the most famous Drupal users include Tesla, The City of London, The European Commission, The Emmys, The Oxford University, and even NASA. 

In fact, The White House website was on Drupal from 2009 to 2017; it was migrated to Wordpress during the Trump Presidency, in a bid to save the American taxpayers USD 3 million a year. Talk about rising costs, right? While the move was made quietly, it caused a flutter among the developer community.

The Biden administration has since decided to keep the site on Wordpress since.

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Keeping quality high and costs low. 
For publishers, the reality is brutal.

Wait, are we really talking about Drupal vs WordPress here at Quintype? Has there been a mistake?

Well... Yes, and No. 

Yes, we're talking about Drupal and WordPress because we need to see clearly why some of the most popular CMSes in the world are not suited for the publishing industry.And No, this is no mistake because a lot of our publishing clients have already been there, done that: Mistakenly tried these CMSes and found their way to us. 

Unfortunately, the problem persists. Publishers of medium- to large-sized organisations still keep getting drawn into the ‘Drupal vs WordPress CMS’ argument while not knowing that the right answer to that question is that it is a wrong question to ask. 

And, they end up paying for it. Heavily. 

The right answer is that what works for other industries won’t work for the publishing industry. 

You see, publishing businesses are built differently. And they should be. Because, as a publisher, you work in a cut-throat world. Here, revenue streams are volatile at best, and your audience engagement as well as user data security, have to be top-notch for the business to survive each day. 

You have to be able to deal with fluctuating traffic and yet give the best-in-class experience to each user. At the same time, you need to keep your operational costs really low while maintaining full control over your multi-user teams of non-technological staff. 

This is not something product websites or institutional websites get. Thus, your core needs are truly unique. You need someone who has deep expertise within this niche. 

Besides, the big guns we have listed at the start of the blog have tons of resources with big budgets and advanced developer teams and most of them are not news or media publishers. 

Today, if you are publishing volumes of content online - be it a simple blog or a fully-fledged news website - your focus is on finding and engaging audiences to interact with your content. 

You will benefit greatly from a built-to-suit custom software designed specifically to help you grow a publishing business. 

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Keeping quality high and costs low. 
For publishers, the reality is brutal.

At Quintype, our dedicated News CMS is a fully customisable solution which you can have up and running before the weekend. With it, you have the advantage of proprietary code - the next best thing to going bespoke - making your site security more robust. You have access to:

- 24x7 support no matter where you are.

- A headless CMS with a cardified editor for effortless creation, curation, and distribution of content.

- A modern publishing tech stack which ensures there is no downtime and that your website passes Google's core web vitals assessment.

- Powerful analytics and artificial intelligence to strengthen your view of user data and engagement. 

As the logic goes, you want to invest more in editorial excellence rather than having to rely on a bevy of developers to manage the same level of output. Keep it simple. 

Watch the video below to find out out how Sakal Media reduced their publishing TCO by 40% after switching from Drupal to Quintype.

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