Quintype offers a Premium Publishing Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

Quintype offers a Premium Publishing Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) is not just a decision. It is a strategic move that can significantly impact your business's success. The affordability or budget of a CMS is a critical financial decision, too. 

In essence, you have to find a CMS system that falls within the fine line between affordability and quality. Here is where Quintype is the publisher's choice compared to Drupal. Learn why Quintype outshines Drupal in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality, making it the smarter choice for digital publishing.

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Quintype offers a Premium Publishing Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

Why Do Digital Publishers Need a Newsroom-Specific CMS?

Using a traditional CMS for digital publishing is like trying to drive a sports car off-road: It can get the job done, but it's not built for the terrain. Just as you need an off-road vehicle to navigate rough terrain efficiently, digital publishers need a newsroom-specific CMS to manage the fast-paced, multifaceted demands of modern newsrooms.

Similarly, content management systems are also built for different purposes, such as Blog CMS, E-commerce CMS, Corporate CMS, Educational CMS, and Newsroom CMS.

If you are a digital publisher, you have to choose a CMS solution built for newsrooms. The features required, service quality, and budget are the next big concerns when opting for a CMS solution. However, the in-built AI tools are also emerging as a choice for newsrooms to opt an advanced CMS system.

Why Quintype?

Quintype is a choice for digital publishers regardless of the size of the brand. The Quintype infrastructure is designed flexibly so small to large scale, and complex publishers can adapt it stress-free. Whereas brands such as Drupal are not newsroom-specific CMS and are built specifically for complex and large-scale enterprises. 

Drupal falls under the category of one-size-fits for all purposes. Drupal's users are Tesla, the City of London, the European Commission, the Emmys, Oxford University, and even NASA. Moreover, from 2009 to 2017, the White House's website operated on Drupal before transitioning to WordPress during the Trump administration.

Quintype BOLD is a headless CMS , which has vast clientele of small to extra-large publishers globally. The brand offers an entire newsroom infrastructure, including a page builder, paywall management, engagement platform, and no-code mobile application builder, hence known as a one-stop destination for digital publishers.

Quintype Offer Better Value Than Expensive Alternatives

The direct costs associated with a CMS solution are adoption and maintenance. Other issues includes the cost associated with various third-party service integrations and the indirect cost of technical glitches.

Drupal 9 and 10 are very costly and break the bank of adopters. Drupal’s maintenance cost and technical difficulty in handling the CMS can be a roadblock for publishers when selecting Drupal. Since it is specifically designed to cater to complex systems, a niche such as online publishing will suffer from its updates and maintenance costs.

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Quintype offers a Premium Publishing Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

Learn Rapidly to Increase Your Audience Engagement

Professionals have limited time to learn and implement new tools or strategies in the publishing industry, whether it's magazines, national dailies, or other types of publishers. This demanding schedule leaves little room for extensive training sessions or trial-and-error with new technologies. 

Quintype has an intuitive interface that is easy to integrate into their existing workflows to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. While considering Drupal for your publishing business, the notable drawback is its steep learning curve. 

Mastering Drupal’s architecture and utilizing its features can be challenging without considerable technical expertise. This complexity might deter publishers from adapting and quickly managing their content with ease.

Quintypes Innovation to Simplifying Tech

Editors and news folks are not tech savvies. Understanding this concern, Quintype software are made simple, easy to handle, and effortless to work daily.

We want newsrooms to function efficiently without technical dilemmas. For any technical assistance, our team ensures round-the-clock support without interrupting the services of the client.

Resource intensive nature

Drupal is also known for its resource-intensive nature. It can consume considerable memory, especially when loading large modules, which might affect the site's performance if not properly optimized. News websites requires high responsiveness and fast content updates, this might be one of the reasons why Quintype falls under the first set of choices.

Frequent updates

Another area for improvement is the difficulty associated with updates. Drupal's frequent updates can require substantial effort to migrate to new versions, potentially causing disruptions. This is particularly problematic for modules that may not be immediately compatible with new releases, leading to delays or additional development work​​​​. 

Extensive module system

While Drupal offers powerful customization options through its extensive module system, this can become a double-edged sword. Having too many options can overwhelm users unfamiliar with the system, and large sites might suffer from slower loading times due to the heavy server load generated by numerous active modules​​.

Complexity and development costs

Complexity and development costs remain considerable for publishers when choosing the Drupal platform. Digital publishing requires customized themes or designing from scratch, which has become an arduous task with Drupal.

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Quintype offers a Premium Publishing Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

Need of a Digital First- Future-Ready Newsroom Infrastructure

As a digital publisher, it is always better to opt for a CMS specifically designed to achieve the goals of newsrooms. With the skyrocketing demand for AI in newsrooms, Quintype has leaped ahead by integrating advanced AI tools into their CMS solutions.

Quintype SAGE AI is a collective name for inbuilt AI tools that are designed to enhance content creation and translation. SAGE generative AI features are now available at 6X speed and 75% cheaper than before with the new updates.

At Quintype, our dedicated News CMS is a fully customizable solution you can have up and running before the weekend. BOLD is meticulously designed to meet every publisher's needs. In short, you have access to:

  • 24x7 support, no matter where you are.

  • A headless CMS with a cardified editor for effortless creation, curation, and content distribution.

  • Easy integration and secured infrastructure.

  • A modern publishing tech stack that ensures no downtime and that your website passes Google's core web vitals assessment.

  • Powerful analytics and artificial intelligence to strengthen your view of user data and engagement. 

  • Robust security infrastructure.

  • A newsroom suite of products that can easily integrate with CMS.

Why stress over counting currency to cover maintenance fees when you can join Quintype, where you get the best value for less cost without compromising quality? We are not just keeping pace; we are leading the charge in newsroom innovation with our game-changing solutions.

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Quintype offers a Premium Publishing Infrastructure Without Breaking the Bank

Focus on Breaking News, We will Handle Your Backend

Why spend your time and resources on developers to manage your editorial output when you could focus on enhancing your content quality instead? Simplify your workflow and amplify your success with Quintype. 

Take the first step with a personalized walkthrough of our platform. Experience a comprehensive demo and see how we can transform your challenges into success.