Bold CMS - For digital publishing
Bold CMS - For digital publishing

Comparison Guide : WordPress VIP vs Bold CMS

Are you an enterprise publisher weighing your choices to land on the perfect CMS?

Written by: Amala

Wordpress is undoubtedly one of the most popular content management platforms out there but does that mean it’s the right platform for you? A good place to start is asking yourself what you’re looking for in a content management platform. Having a list of requirements can help you dodge cost fluctuations and make better decisions.

Comparisons are an effective way to narrow down your options. While sitting through demos and doing research is the only way to truly understand products, we further encourage you to look into the industry testimonials when it comes to technology. In digital publishing, one shoe doesn’t fit all. It’s important to look into your immediate competitors and the overall industry to understand what tech tools are worth investing in.

Moving to a better content management system is often necessary to scale your digital publishing business. Here’s a guide comparing features of Bold CMS and Wordpress VIP - two enterprise CMSs.

This guide will give you a comparison of features, pricing, performance, and even migration.

Top Features

Features  Bold WordPress VIP
Custom editorial workflow Yes No, third party plugin required
Content structure Cardified  Blocks
Pricing Bandwidth based pricing. Starts from USD 75 up to 50GB bandwidth
Starts from USD 2000 and might scale up depending on integrations

Paywall support Yes, native integration with Accesstype
Third party integration required

Story Analytics Yes, story and author level insights available  General content analytics is available
Built-in content categorisation Card attributes, Story attributes, tags, Sections, Collections and entities Tags and categories 
Technical Architecture No-code, API driven system, easily changeable and scalable  Requires plugins and code which can be time consuming to change
Front-end Ahead with Page builder to manage branding and layouts at no additional costs. Built-in PWA with add on native mobile apps.  Multiple theme builders bundled with different themes that have additional licensing fees. Custom development required for native mobile apps

Why should you choose Bold over Wordpress VIP?

For enterprise publishers, it’s important to have a platform that is flexible enough to support your ever growing team. You need a CMS that has as many features as possible to assist smooth workflow. While wordpress VIP is undoubtedly popular it does need integrations to give you the functions Bold was designed with.

To us, working with local news feels like racing in Formula 1 and I am sure the team of MiMorelia are the best drivers, but we needed the fastest car possible. With quintype I am confident we have found it. We now have a fast and responsive website, which will serve a better experience to our readers. Big thumbs up to the entire Quintype team.
Juan Carlos de Guerrero Osio Laris, Founder of

Bold was designed for enterprise publishers to empower digital publishing for those who don’t want technology to get complicated. Its in-built newsroom oriented workflow makes it easy for journalists to use and also supports developers. You can have Bold along with its sister products - Ahead- the front end system, Accesstype - the monetization tool, Metype - the audience engagement platform, React Native Apps - to build your own app. Bold CMS was made for digital publishers who are looking for a scalable platform, the team at Quintype ensures that the platform is up to date with the publishing industry trends. You can expect an agile, scalable product with Bold CMS with no need for long wait times to realize changes or enhancements to the system.

Bold can be used by small, medium and large publishers. The 24*7 support ensures that everyone has a smooth experience on the platform and there are regular sessions held to improve the user experience on Bold with new features coming in to aid publishers. Seamless integration with 3rd party tools tailored to your brand needs such as - Webhooks, dailymotion, push notifications, email subscriptions, and more.

CMS for enterprise digital publishing
CMS for enterprise digital publishing

On pricing, WordPress VIP plans start at US$2,000/month, though the price of your enterprise WordPress package can vary based on a number of factors. Third-party plugin licenses and hosting and other management costs add up slowly but significantly as you grow in the publishing world.

Bold CMS pricing is all inclusive. You can have a look into how much the overall cost will look like with our team who will assist you with - migration, integrations (if any), and product bundles. We democratize technology used by the largest publisher and bring that premium experience for all our clients to help publishers grow without having to compromise on the content experience. Enterprise publishers can focus on the content while leaving the technology heavy lifting to Quintype. companies to empower growing publishers to focus on content while leaving the technology-heavy lifting to us.

Additional advantages of not having to hire and maintain technology teams also reduce the total cost of ownership when compared with WordPress VIP.

Key Similarities between Quintype and Wordpress VIP for media publishers

  • Security

  • API-driven

  • Auto-scaling infrastructure

  • Content analytics

  • Smooth third party integrations