Comparison Guide : Webflow vs Bold CMS

Comparison Guide : Webflow vs Bold CMS

Comparing two CMSs for digital publishing needs!

Comparing CMSs is quite a task however it's a crucial step for investing in the right CMS. We've compared Webflow with our Bold CMS hoping to provide digital publishers a better view of their options.

Bold is the smart headless CMS from Quintype that allows digital publishers to be in tune with the developments in the industry without restricting any control. Quintype's suite of products allow publishers to maximise their output and performance.

Here's a quick comparison between the features

Custom editorial workflow
Content structure
Content hierarchy
Mobile responsive back-end CMS
Granular access control


Paywall support
Yes, native integration with Accesstype

Yes, third party paywall

Native SEO
Built-in content categorisation
Card attributes, Story attributes, tags, Sections, Collections and entities

You can create your custom site widget, article, blog, image, and video, sections

Hosting with DDoS protection, CDN and caching with 99.5% uptime guarantee 

Scalable hosting. Data securely stored on Amazon Web Servers and delivered over the Fastly Network.

Ahead with Page builder to manage branding and layouts at no additional costs. Built-in PWA with add on native mobile apps. 

Webflow lets you build  custom front end.

Features you get with Bold :

1. State-of-the-art security, packages, and features
Protecting your website from DDOS attacks and providing overall security is something we take pride in. With 99.5% zero downtime and regularly updated feature list, Bold has got your back in your digital publishing journey.

But most importantly, unlike webflow, Bold was built for the publishers. This means that the CMS has an interface that is effective and allows everyone in the editorial room to make changes and collaborate without the need for a designer/developer.

2. Omni-channel distribution

The ability to log in through social media and regular channels.

Bold is the headless CMS that allows you to distribute content across all your social media handles directly from your editor.

You can schedule the publishing times and write social media description to go along with it.

3. Price

Bold CMS is a product by Quintype that is designed to fit the needs of all the large scale and small scale digital publishers. The quality of the products are not compromised and the cost of production is shared across the clientele giving superior quality products and updates for all. This is unlike Webflow which becomes expensive at scale.

4. SEO

Bold gives you SEO scores on your dashboard. Authors have easy access to the SEO scores allowing them to observe patterns and make targeted improvements.

With Bold you don't need an external reminder - it's all brought to one single place - your CMS.

4. Rich content experience

Create content using various story elements and organise them with our cardified editor. Elements and cards can be repositioned within the story which can help editors save time and push stories quicker.You can also add rich multimedia like high definition images, videos and embed links.

5. Support languages with a right to left orientation

As a publisher you shouldn't have to lose out on your audience because of a language barrier.

This is why Bold helps you with multilingual support. Allowing you to broaden your reach with your content as well as your content creators - publish and collaborate globally with the right CMS.

6. Publish live - from anywhere

Bold is also a mobile CMS which means that your writers can publish stories directly onto the CMS from their field. The 'publish live' feature allows quick distribution while giving authors the liberty to break news and develop on stories.

7. Get better control

Set up user permissions for access and have all the work at a single platform. You can set limitations for specific roles and authors on the backend without having to worry about a mess.

  • React native app

  • Out of the box support for progressive web apps

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

  • Ability to create front end using various templates by rendering content delivered by various APIs from the platform

  • Ability to support ‘pay and read’ content

  • Ability to create and publish ‘Breaking News’ for ongoing stories across devices.

  • The publisher can take a backup of the content from the platform

  • Quintype provides two different CDN to deliver the content Cloudflare & Fastly

  • Bold support Elastic load balancing on AWS no limit to views

Features on Webflow 

The Webflow CMS is a platform where you can add, update, and delete items from Collections. You can push content and create templates for your SEO tags to follow. However Webflow is definitely more popular with designers and not publishers.

1. You can add your client as a content editor so they can update text and images while you work on the design.

2. You can export your CMS Collections as CSVs to move content between sites or between platforms.

3. You can create dynamic content collections so people can subscribe to your content via reader apps like Feedly but it does have a interface that is more likeable for designers.

4. Unlike Bold, Webflow does not have a content workflow.

5. You can automate your email newsletter via MailChimp and set up RSS "zaps" with Zapier using your RSS feed URL.

6. While Bold is a headless CMS that allows you to distribute on every screen and screen less device, Webflow sites are responsive, and seem to perform on most devices.

7. Similar to Bold, Webflow scales and optimizes images.

It was important to have a CMS that helped us maintain an effective workflow. We’ve seen remarkable growth in page views after moving to Bold CMS. The platform comes loaded with content marketing features which makes the entire experience outstanding. -
Prakash Kumar, Head - Digital Marketing, Prabhat Khabar

While finding the right CMS can be daunting, exploring your options are important. Through comparisons or demos, you can find the CMS that works best for you. Technology has become the enabler for journalistic efforts today so having the right support can be a powerful determinant.

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