Comparison Guide : Contentstack CMS vs Bold CMS

Comparison Guide : Contentstack CMS vs Bold CMS

Which CMS should you pick?

Choosing the right CMS can be difficult. With so many options out there, publishers need to be able to prioritize their needs to make the right decision. With comparisons, one can set the right expectations and improve their chances of finding the perfect companion CMS.

Are you searching for a contentful alternative? Here's a quick comparison guide on Bold CMS and Contentful so that you can make an informed decision on a CMS that suits your publishing needs.

Features Bold Contentstack
Custom editorial workflow Yes Yes
Content structure  Cardified Cardified
Mobile-responsive back-end CMS Yes Yes
Granular access control Yes Yes
Paywall support Yes, native integration with Accesstype  Third party integration 
Native SEO Yes Yes
Hosting  Hosting with DDoS protection, CDN and caching with 99.5% uptime guarantee. 
Contentstack is platform agnostic, so you can use any hosting provider or architecture you prefer.
Built-in content categorisation  Card attributes, story attributes, tags, sections, collections and entities 
Contetstack categorize content based on web page and content block, fields, and multiple content type. 

The front-end solution-Ahead with the layout management tool-Page builder to manage branding and layouts at no additional cost. Built in PWA and add-on native mobile apps for maximum output. 

Contentstack is an API-based, headless CMS. It has the content backend (content repository and content delivery), separate from the front-end (presentation). Developers can build the front-end using any technology, and access the content stored.  

Contentstack is a headless CMS software designed to help businesses deliver personalized content experiences to audiences via multiple channels including mobile or web devices, augmented or virtual reality platforms, and Internet of Things (IoT) using a JSON architecture and content delivery network (CDN)-backed APIs.

Bold is an enterprise headless CMS that empowers publishers to create, curate, and distribute their content across modern devices and screens effortlessly. It is a result of the development that aimed to ensure that digital publishers have the best experience.

Why should you choose Bold over Contentstack?

Bold assists publishers at a molecular level. From setting image resolutions to giving story-wise SEO analytics, Bold is tailor-made for digital publishing.

1. Supports all devices :

While Contentstack may be a well-performing CMS, Bold goes the extra mile and helps push content to all screen and screenless devices unlike the former. From voice assistants to smartwatches, Bold has you covered.

2. Don't code? No problem!

Editorial teams shouldn't have to learn to code to have the best digital experience. Bold provides a minimal click interaction, i.e, non-coders have an easy time on Bold. Manage easy and leave the technology bit to the team at Quintype.

3. Priced right

While Bold promises a premium user experience, the cost of development doesn’t burden the client. It is shared across a large network of large, and small publishers.

4. Narrative freedom

Darko Vujic

The internet has brought all forms of story telling into a single space. It would be a shame to not use it. Bold provides diverse templates and multiple narrative options like visual stories, videos and image gallery that help publishers engage audience.

5. Smooth Integrations

While Bold acts as a seven nation army with it's SEO, Auto-sharing, Scheduled publishing, Author specific access, it is still friendly with other parties. Third party integrations like monetization, push notifications, and more for your business needs are easy with Bold.

It was important to have a CMS that helped us maintain an effective workflow. We’ve seen remarkable growth in page views after moving to Bold CMS. The platform comes loaded with content marketing features which makes the entire experience outstanding.

Prakash Kumar, Head- Digital Marketing, Prabhat Khabar

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