Comparison guide : Contentful vs Ghost CMS

Comparison guide : Contentful vs Ghost CMS

Have you wondered which of these CMSs would best suit your brand? We’ve done the work for you.

If you’re starting with content creation for the web, you’ll need a powerful CMS that makes it easy for you. From a small desk organization to a big media company, the transition should be seamless with the right support.

When you search for powerful CMSs out there, Contentful, Ghost and Bold stand tall. As a publisher, your goal is probably to find a modern headless CMS that will empower you to create, curate, and distribute the content across the screen and screenless devices effortlessly.

These are powerful CMSs. Comparisons like these can help publishers who are conflicted or in search of a perfect content management system. Here are the feature comparisons.

Features Contentful Ghost  Bold
Custom editorial workflow Yes Yes Yes
Content Structure  Cardified Cardified  Cardified
Mobile-responsive back-end CMS
Yes Yes Yes
Granular access control
Available Available Available
Paywall support
Third party integration

Yes, Ghost membership supports paywall

Yes, native integration with Accesstype

Native SEO
Yes Yes Yes
Contentful is hosted on Amazon's AWS on the US coast. The Contentful CDN, which is used for delivering the content, has edge nodes all around the world, ensuring rapid content delivery no matter the destination.

Ghost(Pro) runs the exact same open source codebase and has no limitations compared to self hosting. We offer official install and support services via Ghost(Valet). For self-hosting Ghost in production our officially recommended stack.

Ghost officially partners with Digital Ocean, who also offer a pre-made Ghost image. We recommend them very highly.
Hosting with DDoS protection, CDN and caching with 99.5% uptime guarantee.
Built-in content categorisation

There are two ways to create categories-using short text fields or using reference fields to other entries.

There are two types of content in Ghost that can be organised with tags: posts and pages. Posts are the primary content type and always belong to an index page or collection of posts.

Pages are generally used for static one-off content, and are excluded from all feeds.

Card attributes, story attributes, tags, sections, collections and entities

Roots is a JavaScript based status site generator. It doesn't have an extensive ecosystem but it's good if you're using Node. JS based front-end tools. This plugin helps you manage content from Contentful. 
Ghost is a full headless CMS which is completely agnostic of any particular front end or static site framework.Just like Ghost's admin client, its front-end is both optional and interchangeable. 

The front-end solution-Ahead with the layout management tool-Page builder to manage branding and layouts at no additional cost. Built in PWA and add-on native mobile apps for maximum output. 

Contentful is a CMS that’s popular on the charts. It is an API-first enterprise product that is suitable for large-scale publishers.

Ghost CMS in simple terms is an open-source, professional publishing platform. It is built on a modern Node.JavaScript technology stack. It promises flexibility and performance. Publishers can write and publish blogs using this open-source publishing system.

Bold CMS is built to perform, sustain and beat the competition. Its developments are focused on providing a better experience for all users without burdening a single client with the expense.

Bold isn't called the hero CMS for the drama. The CMS takes many roles leaving the publishers with enough time and effort to focus on their forte - content.

Pricing :

Everybody knows that building a CMS and maintaining it costs a bomb.

Quintype’s products share the price with their client base, allowing you to spend a fraction of the money you’d spend for a product nearly as digitally smart as Bold.

  1. Contentful's pricing follows a simple format- free for the community, $489/month for teams and custom for the enterprise.

  2. Ghost CMS pricing ranges from basic, standard and business. The clients are expected to pay a monthly fee and billed annually based on the number of users for the CMS.

  3. Quintype’s pricing is all-inclusive of the Bold CMS, hosting, front-end infrastructure, security, and front-end framework - Ahead. With economies of scale, Quintype democratizes technologies used by the largest media companies to empower growing publishers to focus on content while taking on the technical responsibility.

How is Bold the better choice?

We've compared the features of all these three CMSs. But incase you wanted to know more about the Bold CMS, here's everything you need to know.

1. Workflow

Bold is designed for a publishing house. It allows an easy workflow with access controls and restrictions.

2. Better Traffic

Bold provides storywise SEO analytics. From the editorial perspective, this helps you take into account which story is more relevant, which ones aren't doing well. This way, you get better traffic from your dashboard, by streamlining better content.

3. Not built by ancestors

Bold is a headless CMS that allows you to push your content to all screen and screen-less devices. It keeps up with the trends and technology. You don't miss out on any platform with this CMS.

4. Flexible

Bold takes on many roles but it also works well with any third-party integrations you deem necessary. Monetization, interaction, push notifications etc, are easy to integrate with Bold.

5. Social Media

Bold allows you to publish your content onto all your social media handles at the same time without any extra downloads. You can bucket roles with your CMS and have more room for content creators.

6. For every device

Bold was built for publishers. Its purpose-driven developments help publishers stay relevant and integrate content for every device - screen and screenless devices.

7. Built for all - Small and Large Scale Publish

Bold was built by developers who understood the struggles of small publishers and the expectations of large-scale publishers. It brings the best of features for creators to have a smooth digital experience.

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