Comparison Guide : Brightspot vs Bold CMS

Comparison Guide : Brightspot vs Bold CMS

Bold CMS, your Brightspot alternative

If you're trying to find a CMS that fits your company and publishing goals then comparison is the right way to narrow down your options. Today's publishers need solutions that empower them. With more and more CMSs coming into the frontline, it is important to be able to choose one that best satisfies your needs as a digital publisher. Comparisons bring it down to the basics.

A powerful alternative for Brightspot CMS, Bold is a hosted, headless CMS, SaaS application that empowers publishers to create, curate and distribute content across modern devices and screens effortlessly through structured APIs using any technology stack.

Bold is the smart headless CMS from Quintype that allows digital publishers to be in tune with the developments in the industry without restricting any control. Quintype's suite of products allow publishers to maximise their output and performance.

Introduction to Brightspot

The Brightspot CMS allows you to tailor workflows, facilitating team collaboration through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Robust search is at the core of the Brightspot user experience, and built-in taxonomy objects help you keep your content organized. Brightspot includes filter features so you can quickly find any item. Often you'll need to search for articles or images that have already been written or posted, and search is there to help.

A quick comparison of features 

Features Bold Brightspot 
Custom editorial workflow Yes Yes
Content Structure  Cardified Content hierarchy 
Mobile-responsive back-end CMS Yes Yes
Granular access control Yes Yes
Paywall support
Yes, native integration with Accesstype

Yes, Third party support 
Built-in content categorisation
Card attributes, Story attributes, Tags, Sections, Collections and entities
Create your custom site widget , article, blog, image and video, sections 
Native SEO  Yes

 Hosting Hosting with DDoS protection, CDN and caching with 99.5% uptime guarantee.


Front-end support

Ahead with Page Builder to manage branding and layouts at no additional cost. Built-in PWA and add-on native mobile apps.

Customers can also build their custom front-end using the Malibu Framework which reduces development time by 50%.

Brightspot is front-end agnostic, and can operate as a decoupled or headless CMS—depending upon what works best for each individual customer.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps )
Yes Not available 

Bold Features :

Internationalization and Localization :

Quintype provides the best language support to help publishers get a dynamic audience base. With target audiences, publishers may find the need to cater to different linguistic groups - this is made easy with Bold.

Performance - With AMP pages you’re able to keep your mobile-only content in the forefront. Our team also ensures that your page auto-scales to handle unexpected traffic numbers.

Partner network - Quintype provides a universe of partners that covers areas like custom development, ad monetization and more. This way publishers don’t have to look for solutions to fit their needs, it’s all available from a singular point.

List of functions provided by Quintype :

  • React native app

  • SEO scores

  • Omni-channel distribution

  • Monetization support

  • Layout customisation

  • Workflow management

  • Schedule publishing

  • Internationalisation & localization

  • Out of the box support for progressive web apps

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

  • State-of-the-art security, packages, and features

  • Support languages with a right to left orientation

  • Create content using various story elements and organise them within cards. Elements and cards can be repositioned within the story

  • Ability to create front end using various templates by rendering content delivered by various APIs from the platform

  • Set up user permissions for access of various sections of the editor

  • Ability to support ‘pay and read’ content

  • Ability to create and publish ‘Breaking News’ for ongoing stories across devices.

  • The publisher can take a backup of the content from the platform

  • Quintype provides two different CDN to deliver the content Cloudflare & Fastly

  • Bold supports Elastic load balancing on AWS no limit to views

List of functionalities offered by Brightspot

  • Version Control

  • Approval Process Control

  • Indexing

  • Permission Management

  • Rich Text Editor

  • Search

  • SEO Management

  • Template Creation

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