Comparison Guide : Contentful CMS vs Bold CMS

Comparison Guide : Contentful CMS vs Bold CMS

Looking for a CMS?

Choosing the right headless CMS is difficult. It is centric to having a healthy digital experience. While some media houses continue working with their in-house Content management systems, the need for CMSs have increased with the expansion of digital media.

If you’re starting with content creation for the web, you’ll need a powerful CMS that makes it easy for you. From a small desk organization to a big media company, the transition should be seamless with the right support.

When you search for powerful CMSs out there, Bold, Quintype’s hero CMS stands tall. It is a modern headless CMS that will empower you to create, curate, and distribute the content across the screen and screenless devices effortlessly. It helps to stay upbeat with digital publishing developments.

Contentful is another CMS that’s popular on the charts. It is an API-first enterprise product which is suitable for large scale publishers.

Here's a quick comparison guide on Bold CMS and Contentful so that you can make an informed decision on a CMS that suits your publishing needs.

Features Bold Contentful
Custom editorial workflow Yes Yes
Content structure  Cardified Cardified
Mobile-responsive back-end CMS Yes Yes
Granular access control Available Available
Paywall support Yes, native integration with Accesstype  Third party integration 
Native SEO Yes Yes
Hosting  Hosting with DDoS protection, CDN and caching with 99.5% uptime guarantee. 
Contentful is hosted on Amazon's AWS on the US coast. The Contentful CDN, which is used for delivering the content, has edge nodes all around the world, ensuring rapid content delivery no matter the destination.

Built-in content categorisation  Card attributes, story attributes, tags, sections, collections and entities 
There are two ways to create categories-using short text fields or using reference fields to other entries.

The front-end solution-Ahead with the layout management tool-Page builder to manage branding and layouts at no additional cost. Built in PWA and add-on native mobile apps for maximum output. 

Roots is a JavaScript based status site generator. It doesn't have an extensive ecosystem but it's good if you're using Node. JS based front-end tools. This plugin helps you manage content from Contentful. 

Why should you choose Bold over Contentful

How does one compare two powerful CMSs and select one? This is made difficult when the parameters are the same, you are forced to look at the CMS that, simply put, better.

1. Social Media

Bold allows you to publish your content onto all your social media handles at the same time without any extra downloads. You can bucket roles with your CMS and have more room for content creators.

2. For every device

Bold was built for publishers. It’s purpose-driven developments help publishers stay relevant and integrate content for every device - screen and screenless devices.

3. Helps build your traffic

Getting content higher up on the search feed and carrying the traffic to the website is every publisher’s struggle. Bold brings you insights that help you understand reader behavior and direct more traffic to your content judicially.

4. Built for all - Small and Large Scale Publishers

Bold was built by developers who understood the struggles of small publishers and the expectations of large scale publishers. It brings the best of features for creators to have a smooth digital experience.

5. Price Point

Everybody knows that building a CMS and maintaining it costs a bomb.

Quintype’s products share the price with their client base, allowing you to spend a fraction of the money you’d spend for a product nearly as digitally smart as Bold.

Contentful's pricing follows a simple format- free for community, $489/month for teams and custom for enterprise.

With easier set up, better ease of use and support team, Bold is an easy pick. It also scores high on the easiest to do business with, which is definitely high priority.

Bold over Contentful

  1. User friendly interface for marketing teams

  2. Interface for website building - SaaS Web Engine

  3. Great for smaller publishers with the expertise around large scale publishers.

Quintype has easy integration of media in content with option for multi-format content publication. Its SEO-friendly website has easy scope for keyword integration in content. Its customisable frontend suits every publisher's needs. Quintype's mobile-friendly and AMP-ready platform gives peace of mind to publishers.

Shruty Bhattacharyya, Digital Manager, East Mojo

It was important to have a CMS that helped us maintain an effective workflow. We’ve seen remarkable growth in page views after moving to Bold CMS. The platform comes loaded with content marketing features which makes the entire experience outstanding.

Prakash Kumar, Head of Digital Marketing, Prabhat Khabar

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