Personalise or Perish - Publishers need to use Personalised Content

Personalise or Perish - Publishers need to use Personalised Content

It is the time of the digital war -where thousands of publishers with different forms of content are competing for consumer attention. And personalised content is the slayer weapon in this war for attention and engagement.

Personalised content is what it takes to survive past 2018. 

What is Personalised Content?

Personalised content is all about building an intimate relationship with your customer. It's about getting to know them, understanding them and then serving them the content they value.

You can no longer use the one-size fits all strategy, where you served everybody - from a grandfather to a teenager the same content. You have to deliver the content relevant to each of your user.

Visitor data like demographics, content consuming behavior, devices used, time of the day, location etc. is used for providing the content of their interest.

Why Personalised Content?

Engagement, Engagement and Engagement

Delivering personalised content gets you higher engagement - in terms of more time spent on pages, more comments and shares. It considerably decreases your bounce rate and gets your readers to consume more and more content on your website.

80% of publications noted higher engagement when they delivered personalised content in some form or the other.

Build Loyal Readers

Personalised content helps provide a great consumer experience. Your readers feel special when you greet them by their name, remember their priorities and then give them what they want.

Moreover, building an emotional connection with your readers increases the shareability of your posts. Your readers thus become brand ambassadors for your publication.

According to Sean Clarke, the head of interactives at the Guardian - “Personalization helps to boost the shareability of content, with users not just sharing, but adding their personal slant on the story.”

They develop a sense of belonging to your brand. You become their favorite stop for consuming content. This results in them subscribing to your content.

Personalised content - your road to build reader revenue

Personalised Content gets you more Revenue

Understanding your readers also helps deliver personalised ads - that is by showing them the Ads they find appealing. It also makes your reader spent more time on your platform, which means more Ad impressions and thus more revenue. And ultimately it helps you get direct reader revenue, when your customers start paying for your brand of content.

Survive Competition

The average attention span of your readers is decreasing and all of your competitors (which includes other publishers and social platforms) are all trying to woo your customers. Personalised content is what makes readers have an affinity towards your content.

Our CMS platform Quintype enables you to deliver personalised content to your readers. Leave a comment below or mail to [email protected] to get in touch.

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