Why Every Trendsetting Newsroom is Embracing AI?

Why Every Trendsetting Newsroom is Embracing AI?

Hopping on the AI bandwagon isn’t just cool—it’s practically mandatory! All the pioneering media organizations are shifting to AI-powered CMS or updating their technology to integrate AI.

They are ditching the old-school typewriters and notepads for something that sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie. Because honestly, if you are not using AI to fuel your news industry antics, are you even trending?

MiMorelia.com is not only trending but will also be a pioneer in Michoacán by adopting artificial intelligence to communicate.

MiMorelia.com is a website based in Michoacán, Mexico. It was founded 23 years ago, making it the first website in the state. The site focuses on providing news and information relevant to the region.

The brand joins forces with Quintype to bring AI into the newsroom and integrate the latest AI technology to build a future-ready newsroom. The article published on their website shows detailed information about their plans to adopt AI. Let's check out

Disclaimer: The credits of the below article go to MiMorelia.com

Morelia, Michoacán (MiMorelia.com).- Founded 23 years ago as the first website in the state, MiMorelia.com will be a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence to improve its processes and offer higher quality information and content generated in Michoacán.

This was announced by the founder of this media outlet, Juan Carlos de Guerrero Osio Laris , during his participation in the Digiday Publishing Summit , held in Miami, Florida, United States.

The director of Publimetro Michoacán and Radio Fórmula Morelia also joined this important event, characterized by the attendance of important companies at a global level, to learn more about the use of new technologies, among which artificial intelligence stands out.

Credits: https://mimorelia.com/
Credits: https://mimorelia.com/

In a telephone interview with Mario Hernández for Fórmula Noticias Michoacán , which is broadcast Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. on 105.1 FM, the leader of the group that includes the aforementioned media outlets made it clear that the goal is not to cut jobs but to adopt new technological tools that allow employees to produce higher quality content, with a variety of content and in less time.

I can proudly announce that, at MiMorelia.com, we are going to start working with artificial intelligence. What will it be useful for? (...) We are going to take advantage of it so that the team that we are already working with will have more time to address a greater number of topics with greater quality,” he anticipated.

He also highlighted the growth of the Internet industry, which is spending more than 500 billion dollars on advertising worldwide in 2023, and more than 600 billion dollars are expected by 2024.

“The advertising industry is experiencing strong growth,” he said, before celebrating the 23rd anniversary of MiMorelia.com, a company that emerged when there was still no demand for the Internet and has undergone a constant process of construction.

Along the same lines, he stressed, the implementation of new tools “will help us get closer to our dreams of providing the audience with top-quality information.”

At the same time, he recognized Fernando Martínez , who promoted the collaboration with Quintype , a company originating in India , which will guide this media outlet on the adoption of artificial intelligence as a work tool.

It is worth noting that this editorial summit, in addition to the topic of artificial intelligence, addresses issues related to opportunities, challenges and the impact of technology on workflows, as well as entry strategies that have changed the communications, subscriptions and sponsorships industry.

Renowned brands such as CNN, Discovery, Daily Mail, FOX, Warner Brothers, USA Today, Time, Univision, Reuters, BuzzFeed and Insider are participating, to name a few.

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