The Era of Post Truth

The Era of Post Truth

Fighting with Fake news and being the agent of fact-checking

Since the democratization of media, the biggest backlash has been that of fake news.

Deliberate misleading isn't new in the media. With face swaps becoming a democratized tool, one can no longer believe easy. With a strong wave of fake news coming in, who takes over gatekeeping? How does one stand their ground in the industry and filter out authentic stories?

At Quintype, we combat fake news at the base level. On our CMS- Bold, publishers are able to claim reviews. We take democratization a step higher to make sure that it holds its power.

Authors can submit fake news claims using google’s claim review process. Bold has this integrated with the story creation process that way you’re kept in check with the authenticity of every story you put out.

Bold understands the importance of a bias-free narrative. This is why writers can now present binary opinions around a topic. This would mean that both flat-earthers and round-earthers get to place their argument.

With its unique review and opinion blocks, there is no need to pick a side. Present the binaries and let your readers come to the conclusion they seem fit.

Why fact-check?

Many publishers stay away from fact-checking because of the tremendous work power needed to stay up-to-date. Picture verification, video manipulations, context, identification, and fact-based alterations are some of the areas one has to dig into.

Tools such as a basic Google web search, Rbutr, Snopes, InVid, TinEye, and many more can be used by readers to verify the news. With growing paid news and immersive advertising strategies, consumers are bombarded with content every second. The only way out is by being aware that not all that you see is real.

Your brand and fake news

In the digital space, giving a fact check or review promotes the authenticity associated with your brand. Actively verifying fake news also helps you increase social engagement with your site. While your news content is undoubtedly reliable, an active fact-checking review on social media helps you create an audience base that believes you.

Having a dedicated team, streamlining your resources can assist in audience engagement. As a brand, having active reviews on fake news stories also makes you a familiar name with the users. With the right audience engagement, authentic content, and quick fast checkers, and our hero Bold CMS, your brand is all set for the right kind of audience attention in 2020.

If you're curious to find out how we can help you, request a 30 minute demo to get a step ahead in digital publishing.