Text or video - Invest effectively
Text or video - Invest effectively

Text or video? Invest effectively in your content

There are no constants in the media industry. To be successful, every publishing business must continuously iterate, optimize and evolve. While this majorly tends to be the case for technological advancements in media & publishing, communication is also a factor which needs a consideration.

Earlier the publisher-reader engagement was done using texts followed by graphically attractive visuals, but now other formats like video, podcast and screen-less interfaces have become popular. In this article, we take a look at the most trending ways of publishing content which are text and videos.

The videos have become so prominent that publishers are in dilemma regarding the content format to consider, ie., video or text. But, the publishers must analyze criterias like product type, audience and viewer response goals before making a choice.

Let’s welcome our King, the video

Video has been crowned as engagements’ Prince Charming, increasing audience engagement.

Statistics show that 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day and on an average 200 videos per month. By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Publishers are crazy for video content but consumers/readers are crazier.

Text is nowhere behind, a head-on competition

A study by Usurv shows that 26% of viewers would share a text article and 46% would ‘like’ a text article.

Text continues to be a powerful platform that drives engagement and increase conversion rates. Text is not to be pushed or ignored aside just because video is eye-catchy.

Text gives readers full control over the experience, based on the reading level. The reader determines their own pace, like go back or skip forward or mark some specific points.

Choose your essentials wisely

Having learned the psychological processes that occur when visitors engage with the content in video and text, the checklist will help you determine which format is suitable for your content.

Choose your essentials
Choose your essentials


  • Visitors look for goal-oriented content.
  • Website offers clear conversion funnel like completing a form, subscribing to a service or purchasing a product.
  • The website requires attention to detail and logic based decision making.
  • The website educates the visitors of the product, service or industry.


  • Visitors look out for meaningful information and also entertainment.
  • The video website sometimes have links to other pages and external websites.
  • The content is mostly visual and the visitors stay for both information and entertainment.
  • Passive thinking and emotions are evoked with the visuals.

All these factors work to unconsciously influence the visitor’s decision making process throughout the interaction with the website and drive him/her to prefer one form of content that best serves his needs.

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