Quintype to Power Samachara’s Mobile-First Strategy

Quintype to Power Samachara’s Mobile-First Strategy

Bengaluru, March 2018: As publications across the globe adapt to the changing realities of the digital age, online mediums that offer personalized content and real-time conversations are most in demand. A leading Kannada news portal Samachara has partnered with Quintype, a Bengaluru-based startup offering the hi-tech digital publishing to cater to its increasingly mobile-enabled readership.

From Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled devices to screenless interfaces like Alexa Echo and Google Home, technology is changing so rapidly that digital publishing is no easy task. Quintype understands the needs and challenges of new-age media organisations like Samachara and offers one-stop content management solutions for wider readership and higher revenues. Quintype helps break news faster, across platforms and devices.

Commenting on its most recent patron, Chirdeep Shetty, CEO, Quintype Technologies, says, “It is no longer about just creating content. The number of devices and channels on which readers consume content is exploding. Samachara wanted a publishing platform, which is easy to use - right from content syndication to editorial workflows and distribution. They were keen on quick deployment. Once we were onboard, the digital newspaper went live in 14 days, with a guaranteed 99.98 per cent uptime. Quintype has the potential to revolutionise content creation and consumption.”

Prashanth Hulkodu, Founder and Editor, Samachara, further added, “As a newsportal that serves Kannadigas worldwide, we realise that our growth has to be driven by a mobile-first strategy that caters to readers across online mediums. With Quintype, our on-the-move editors and journalists now have the flexibility to seamlessly create, collaborate, and publish stories in the digital space. And, most importantly, we don’t have to worry about security, thanks to the two-factor authentication and strict access controls.”

Digital publications can unlock an unrivalled source of revenue, by monetising premium content and push notification to subscribers with strategic targeting. With Quintype’s analytics-driven placement suggestions, it’s easy to make the most of sponsored content and innovative advertising. Also, the platform’s inbuilt module powers the distribution of the content on Facebook, twitter and other social channels.

About Quintype (https://www.quintype.com/)

Founded in the year 2014, Quintype Technologies India Pvt Ltd is a startup from Bengaluru that developed the state-of-the-art digital publishing platform called Quintype. Catering to modern-day content creators, Quintype’s personalisation engine takes audience engagement and monetisation across channels to a whole new level. With features such as engagement tracking, real-time analytics, author performance and automated daily reports, Quintype offers an all-inclusive content management solution.

Quintype’s auto-scaling infrastructure , lightning-fast content delivery systems, SEO best practices, support for Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP, personalised newsletters, content syndication and push notifications help deliver the content to the intended audience, when and where they need it.

The platform has features such as configurable workflow management, omnichannel content delivery, automated publishing, card-based story organisation, application programming interface (API) access and support for multi-lingual as well as multi-format content, to name some. The two-factor authentication and strict access controls ensure that the digital publishing platform is secure, while 24x7 monitoring and support for the applications and services makes the digital journey a smooth experience for the publication as well as the reader.

About Samachara (https://www.samachara.com)

Samachara.com is an independent digital media making all-out effort to bring unconventionality into journalism in the state of Karnataka. Samachara digs deep into the subject independently to present uncluttered, unbiased, uninfluenced stories. True to the motto of Samachara's journalism, its stories also absolutely independent of ideological affiliation, political affiliation and corporate affiliation.

However, Samachara takes a firm stand on issues related to women, children and vulnerable section of the society. Every story of Samachara tries to provide educative and thought provoking angles. Samachara tries to shape the readers’ views and thoughts and not just to entertain.

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