Quintype designates Fiare as the exclusive implementation partner in the EU

Quintype designates Fiare as the exclusive implementation partner in the EU

The partnership will enable Fiare to implement Quintype’s technological products for digital publishers across Europe and bring additional layers of comfort for news media companies with concerns of GDPR compliance.

Quintype announces a partnership with one of Europe’s leading technology implementation and consulting firms, Fiare. The partnership will enable Fiare to provide implementation services for Quintype’s suite of digital publishing technological products to empower media organisations across Europe.

Fiare, with their considerable expertise in serving the media industry in Europe with solutions that help gaining digital revenues, leverage Quintype’s suite of solutions in content creation, distribution and monetisation to benefit digital publishers. By providing the service from Europe with Europe based resources, Fiare brings additional layers of comfort to Europe based news media publishers, with concerns of GDPR compliance.

The Covid-19 pandemic is increasing the consumption of online news, which is an opportunity for news media publishers to take their online revenues to new heights. When multi-channel publishing is made easy, journalists are capable of creating content that looks and feels appealing.

Fiare is excited to partner with Quintype to offer our customers a powerful digital publishing tech stack. Quintype empowers digital publishers with SaaS solutions that solve tech challenges in content management, audience engagement and monetisation. The benefits of using a solution built for digital newsrooms translates to tremendous improvements in editorial efficiency and content distribution capabilities for organisations.

Tommi Heikkonen, the Group CEO, Fiare

Quintype is thrilled to partner with Fiare; their suite brings a wealth of features that can scale digital publishing organisations. Fiare’s long-term commitment to their clients is a shared value and clients unlock immense potential when this value is combined with our digital publishing solutions.

Chirdeep Shetty, CEO, Quintype

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