Quintype’s Cardification and Plugin-less CMS
Quintype’s Cardification and Plugin-less CMS

Quintype brings 2 coolest features on the table!

A Content Management System(CMS) is every publisher/writer/author’s Guardian Angel!

Keeping in mind the power of the internet, a CMS is designed to adapt and evolve as per the modern technological advancement.

But in today’s era, how do you guarantee that the one you are using or rely on is the best? With plentiful CMSs rising to prominence, picking the right one as the best fit for your business can be tricky sometimes.

However, choosing the one with the latest technologies as well as time saving features built in, can help publishers and content creators have an easy journey.

Presenting you the easiest feature possible, ‘Cardification’

Quintype, a modern day CMS platform, provides this feature to depict your story in the form of cards. These cards contain different types of story elements required, like an images, quotes, tables, etc., just what your story needs!

Cardification is a totally new methodology targeted towards the mobile first consumption of news. A minimised chunk of content has been noted to have higher engagement and thus, Quintype provides you with a feature to organically split your stories into multiple cards.

Let us look at the perks of cardified story system,

Bite sized cards

The fact that stories and elements can be created in the form of cards give the flexibility to modify and beautify individual card to grab a reader’s attention. In addition to that, every single element in a card can be designed the way you want it to look like.

Flexible ad placement

Cardification can help you with the strategic placement of ads. You can choose where you want your ad to be displayed, between the cards.

For example, the ads mainly show up at designated locations. But using the cardified system, you can define the placement of the ads, it can be either in between two cards, or at the end of the last card, or before the first card, anything as per your ad target.

Desired user experience/placement of elements

A card can contain different story elements like an image, video, text, etc. But an individual card can be identified, targeted and displayed on the page just the way you want.

For example, you can set an image of one card as a parallax image ie. to keep the image constant in the background while the text scrolls over it. You could also fetch an element from the ‘Nth’ card of a story to be specially featured in the article etc.

In short, varieties can be attained by identifying the cards and coding them to the design as per your wish!

Card sharing

This is an awesome feature which allows a user to share a card explicitly.

For example, if a card consists of a quote, then using this feature, you can share the card with the quote without losing context by just sharing the article alone. Similarly, if you wish to make an image shareable, place it in a card and enable the option of card sharing.

This cool feature, in short, gives your reader’s the choice to pick and share pieces which might have grabbed their attention the most to the other social media channels.

These are some of the interesting new features available with our ‘Cardification’ of the content you write.

Welcome the second greatest creation, a ‘Plugin-less CMS’

We bring to you the second most interesting feature which is on offer. We built our CMS in such a way that any publisher or content creator spends minimal time on researching and installing plugins. Plugins basically enables a particular task that you wish to implement on a page, but our CMS has everything built in. You get every feature, every element at a single click without wasting your precious time in complicated research.

If you wish to integrate a third party service to your content, just let us know so that we can help you with the integration. In case, you have a team of coders who can execute the task for you, then the integration can also be done at your end.

And taaa-daaa, you’re done!!

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