200+ publishers trust Quintype
200+ publishers trust Quintype

5 Reasons Why Publishers Choose Quintype for Digital Newsroom Transformation

The digital transformation of newsrooms is essential for progress, but it's a complex task. Moreover, the associated complexities can be overwhelming. In the fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape, selecting the right technology partner is crucial for publishers embarking on a digital newsroom transformation. The choice of a technology partner can make or break the success of this transformative journey. With numerous options available, publishers must carefully evaluate and select a partner that aligns with their specific needs, goals, and vision. The right technology partner can provide the tools, expertise, and support necessary to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, enabling publishers to optimise workflows, enhance content creation and distribution, and effectively engage with their audience. 

Here are the five reasons why more than 200 leading publishers across the globe have chosen Quintype's digital experience platform (DXP) to transform their digital newsrooms:

  • Proven Newsroom Growth Success Stories 

  • Lower Publishing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Faster Time to Market

  • Full-stack Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

  • Unparalleled 24x7 Support

Let’s dive deeper into each of these five reasons.

Proven Newsroom Growth Success Stories

proven newsroom growth success stories
proven newsroom growth success stories

Quintype has helped several leading publishers across the globe to 

  • Transition from print-first to a digital-first newsroom

  • Setup editorial workflows

  • Grow website traffic exponentially

  • Move away from legacy CMS to a publisher-friendly newsroom CMS

  • Get their news covered in Google News instantly

  • Publish SEO-optimised content without requiring a plugin

  • Improve their website’s core web vitals

  • Distribute their content across all channels from a single CMS

  • Publish breaking news & stories from a mobile-friendly CMS

Below are a few quotes from our customers regarding their experience with Quintype

Quintype gives us a huge advantage in our mobile-first news environment. The platform is built for agility on mobile. No need for plugins. Quintype has figured out the mind of the content creator. It’s not tech, for tech’s sake.
Ritu Kapur, Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Quint
Quintype enabled us to reduce our TCO by 40% while helping us 3X our website traffic with 100M monthly page views. An immersive storytelling interface, newsroom management, SEO optimisation, and advertising options form an integral part of a news publication website, and our partnership with Quintype helped us achieve that.
Swapnil Malpathak, Business Head, Sakal Digital
It was important to have a CMS that helped us maintain an effective workflow. We've seen remarkable growth in page views after moving to Bold CMS. The platform has content marketing features that make the entire experience outstanding.
Prakash Kumar, Head of Digital Marketing & Growth, Prabhat Khabar
We used the headless CMS to launch our digital platform in 2016. From CMS to paywall solutions, Quintype manages our entire tech stack. The platform is easy to use and customised for our requirements. Metype helps our team to engage with our young audience while ensuring high-quality conversations through their toxicity meter.
Amarnath Govindarajan Chief Digital Officer, Swarajya

View all the digital newsroom transformation success stories.

Lower Publishing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

lower publishing TCO
lower publishing TCO

For a successful digital-first newsroom, it is crucial to make informed decisions regarding ownership, cost, and integration of various elements:

  • Newsroom CMS

  • Design, development & maintenance of Website & Mobile App

  • SEO optimisation for Core Web Vitals

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Integrations with Print, DAM/MAM, Social Media, Newsletters, Notifications, Screenless devices & more

  • Web platform Security as news websites are more prone to hacking

  • Hosting, along with reliability and scalability

  • Tools for audience engagement

  • Revenue model - ads or subscriptions, or membership

  • External agencies for support and maintenance

Quintype manages over 1Bn+ pageviews per month across 200+ global publishers.

This large scale gives us an advantage when working with various solution providers like React, OpenSearch, Redis, AWS, Cloudflare, GitHub, and Gumlet, allowing us to negotiate better deals while also managing the integration & uptimes across this modern news publishing tech stack.

Sakal, a leading publisher, lowered their total cost of ownership by more than 40% while achieving 3X growth in their website traffic with 100M+ monthly page views by leveraging Quitnype’s DXP platform. Read their success story.

Faster Time to Market

increase speed to market
increase speed to market

The need for a faster time to market is more crucial than ever as more readers increasingly turn to digital platforms for news consumption. The ability to swiftly publish breaking news and stories and make instant updates while minimising the dependencies on tech/developer can significantly attract and retain readership.

Publishers with in-house tech resources can use Quintype’s API to develop and maintain their websites or start a blank canvas of the tech stack of their choice.

Quintype offers a website builder app for publishers with limited tech resources to eliminate the time and efforts required to design and develop a responsive and optimised news website. It allows publishers to create a customisable front-end website with brand logos, fonts, and colours through a zero-coding environment.

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200+ publishers trust Quintype

Quintype also offers a no-code News App for publishers to offer the best reader experience on mobile. Publishers can launch their Native News App for iOS & Android using the pre-built framework without requiring to hire tech teams or agencies and eliminating any technical overhead, thus saving on additional costs and simplifying the process. It supports login, paywalls, dark mode as well as ad monetisation.

Full-stack Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

full-stack digital experience platform (DXP)
full-stack digital experience platform (DXP)

Quintype offers a full-stack digital experience platform that empowers content creators to deliver high-quality experiences for their audiences.

  • Headless content management system (CMS)

  • Omnichannel distribution capabilities

  • Newsroom Management

  • Content Insights

  • No-code Webpage builders & Native News App

  • Commenting systems for audience engagement

  • Paywall & subscription models for reader revenue & content monetisation

  • API Integrations ( DAM, MAM, Print )

  • CDP / DMP integrations

  • Bespoke integrations on custom-developed front-end apps (Ex. podcasts, ad-tech DSP etc.)

  • SSO & Session Management

This one-stop solution for all your digital publishing needs helps news publishers offer a superior reader experience.

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200+ publishers trust Quintype

Unparalleled 24x7 Support

24*7 support
24*7 support

Quintype prioritises publishers by providing 24/7 support through chat and email. Our AI chatbot ensures swift responses, while our live agents, available across different time zones, address complex queries and issues. Additionally, Quintype's dedicated implementation team assists in customer onboarding and facilitates a seamless migration from legacy CMS. Quintype also provides valuable consultation to publishers, drawing from best practices adopted by leading global newsrooms.

Join this tribe of 200+ elite publishers who have successfully transformed their digital newsrooms. Schedule a personalised demo today!