MeType helps you in audience engagement
MeType helps you in audience engagement

MeType, your begetter for an intriguing reader’s engagement

Voicing opinion is a quirky addiction of most readers.

Words are the only mode of communication which makes people ponder. As a writer, blogger or journalist, you can rule the world by making your readers feel opined. This continuous expression of views/thoughts gives the reader a space, which they want to be heard.

And that’s where the commenting system comes in place.

Rather than taking a commenting section for granted because of its placement on a webpage, learn how a right commenting system can help you maximise the reader-author engagement.

Why audience engagement is more important than your follower count?

Silence is deadly!

A bit of an exaggerated statement, however, avoiding interaction with your audience can hurt your business.

Online marketing is just not designed for broadcasting. It’s meant for two-way communication.

So, providing a response back to your reader should be on your task list every minute, every hour, everyday!


Interacting with your audience can have 3 major effects on your brand,

  1. Helps building brand loyalty
  2. Helps improving brand image
  3. Helps in growing brand’s popularity and reach

And yes, these effects are worth the investment.

Continuous reader engagement has further more benefits to add,

  1. Readers who wish to engage more and present their opinions prefer articles which are restricted by a paywall/subscription mostly. And it is the total accountability of the brand to keep their readers entertained by continuously engaging and commenting back on the responses they receive. After this continuous process, when the reader feels confident and accepted, they expend more on paid content to find their interest and space which can be heard. Thus, making paywall a sophisticated venture compared to the free reads.
  2. Content which is notably read and commented on, have higher page views mainly. Technically, the higher page view article is advertised more, thus, bringing it to the limelight and increasing it’s subscription. Similarly, when a constant flow of comments comes in, the article is viewed by readers multiple times only to pen down their responses, thus, increasing the page views.

Best ways to engage and how we can be of your assistance

We, the team of MeType, brings to you an apt solution for your problems. We are the geeks to create a commenting system which can help you engage with audiences in a much simpler way!

Let us look at the ways of best audience engagement,

Simple reactions

Reacting to a story by a single click is the most easiest way. In case, readers like/dislike a story, a publisher would simply get the feedback using these emoticons.

MeType, provides you a ‘Reactions Widget’ which is customisable. You can implement multiple emoticons for your readers using this easy widget.


A reader can easily react to a story by posting their views in the commenting section to which a publisher can respond back, thus, deepening the bond and increasing the time spent on a page.

MeType, provides you a ‘Commenting and Feed Widget’ which allows the reader to upload rich media comments like videos and images. Also, when an article is commented, it is recirculated to the top of the article list on the widget.

User Generated Content

Inviting your readers to write stories and publishing them is the most efficient way to get their attention. Prioritizing your reader’s efforts, will fetch you a stronger engagement.

Read how New York Times changed its Reader Centre by taking 22 guest bloggers in.

MeType, provides you the feature where your readers can easily write content, and you as a publisher can easily review it and publish it.

Now that engagement is in progress, how can it be measured? How can we help?

When content is published on social media, email or blog, it is mandatory and useful to understand how engaging the article is.

And, to measure the engagement pattern, exist a metric known as ‘Engagement score.’

Having a higher engagement score should be a priority for publishers to keep their brand moving.

MeType, calculates the engagement score for the articles published. It gives a percentage value of the score and displays it on the feed widget along with the article status. Thus, acknowledging on the most trending content published.

So, why consider us?

MeType provides you with features which are scrutinized and created keeping in mind the predicament of today’s commenting system. This technology trend can help publishers regain faith over commenting systems and focus more on audience engagement.

To explore our brainchild, email us at [email protected]

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