Marie Kondo your website's content

Marie Kondo your website's content

Quintype's advanced content organizing system helps digital publishers beat chaos and clutter

Websites today are complex pages full of text, rich media elements and links. Along with creating great content, publishers need to place equal importance on easy website navigation and systematic organization of content within the CMS.

Simplistic content trees, with their top-down, branching structure do not cut it anymore. Publishers need a powerful, more nuanced organizing system to deal efficiently with their enormous body of interconnected content.

Quintype’s Bold CMS offers publishers an intelligent system to organize content which adds flexibility in management of different pages: Collections.

Collections are groups of stories that belong together. For example, you can create a collection ‘Sports’ for all sports related stories.

But unlike traditional content organizing models, Collections goes beyond single-dimensional categorization for stories.

This system offers content creators the freedom to categorize stories which focus on multiple topics to be simultaneously added to multiple collections.

Collection Rules

With the option of both manual or automated collections, Collections enables publishers to sort stories across numerous parameters. In the manual collection, you can manually select your stories you want in a collection.

Manual Collection
Manual Collection

On the other hand, an automated collection picks stories based on the set tags, sections, story templates, or authors.

Automated Collections
Automated Collections

Better presentation & navigation

A well-organized content repository fosters better presentation of content on the website that further cultivates easy navigation for the consumers. Basic collections can be created, based on the topics a publication covers.

For example, a news publication will have ‘Politics’, ‘National’, ‘International’, ‘Opinion’, ‘Entertainment’ collections.

Sections of a news website
Sections of a news

More advanced collections can be created based on how a publisher wants to present their content on their website.

With the option to favorite stories, Collections enables publishers to overrun sorting algorithms and place priority stories at key locations on the website.

Publishers can have a collection for collections too.

Suppose a publication wants to highlight the most popular sections of your website. They can create a ‘Collection of collections’ named ‘Most Popular’ and add the most popular collections of stories to it.

Collection of most popular collections
Collection of most popular collections

Straightforward workflow

Collections ensure the delivery of great experience not just to site visitors but also to publishers. Their workflow gets streamlined as they can discover published content easily because of Quintype's advanced content organizing system.

Dynamic collections, that get updated automatically based on shifting parameters like user engagement, can also be maintained.

Collections enables you to sort all the stories that have been trending for a specific time period and they will be displayed as a part of your ‘Trending’ collection.

Latest news on The Quint
Latest news on The

Aside from displaying popular content to the readers, it allows publishers to track engagement on their stories.

Organize with ease

Apart from collections, Quintype also supports the organization of content through attributes, entities, sections and tags going beyond the basic publishing and managing functionalities. It helps content creators with effective content organization and retrieval. It also helps site visitors explore your site with ease.

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