The CMS Critic Awards 2018
The CMS Critic Awards 2018

Make some noise for your favorite CMS, Quintype!

Hello folks,

Hope we did a good job simplifying your editorial workflow, content management and other processes with our invention, Quintype.

We are now super excited to let you know that the world's biggest CMS award function is here, CMS Critic Award 2018. And as a gesture of appreciation, we want you to make our product feel special and triumph by casting your special vote for us!

As you already know, we launched Quintype in the year 2015 and in a very short span of time are making waves among digital transformation enthusiasts, newsrooms and publishers.

And now we are ready to get ourselves widely recognized and compete in the arena against the best in the world.

Your valuable nomination ensures our voting spot and provides a great opportunity to get the word ‘Quintype’ out. This means more users, more features and more popularity of the product. We grow, you grow!

It’s an honor for us and we are thrilled to hear an overwhelming support from all of you. Help us make our path to the peaks a little easier.

Nomination for the CMS Critic Awards is open now. All you need to do is cast your precious vote for your incomparable and irreplaceable Quintype!

Give us a high-five now on

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