Keys for publishing
Keys for publishing

Future Keys for the Digital Publishers

Are you a digital publisher unable to fascinate your readers online? Are you worried about losing them? Are you still following a conventional practice of publishing content? Has the proposal of technological advancement petrified you and your existing way of organizing and maintaining the content?

If these are the questions hounding your impulse, then trust me, you are at the best post which can answer your queries.

We all want our content to give results. We all want more eyeballs to be focussed on our content.

Simultaneously, we want a hassle-free technique of publishing content. We all want to minimize the time and effort while drafting or working on a piece of content.

Keeping in mind, the qualms you go through every time from drafting a content to getting it public’s attention, we have outlined certain key points which could help you evolve better.

Get in front of your readers. Be available on all their devices

If you are laid back and using a single channel to interact with your audience, then you really need a change. Today’s audiences are experts in handling various platforms for work, leisure and entertainment purpose. Mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops are places where you would find your readers. So why miss being on each of these platforms?

Ensure your content is compatible with all these platforms. Make your content available to the readers in their palm.

Choose a platform which lets you publish effortlessly, everywhere

In this modern world, spending hours of time in creating and publishing a content is out of culture. You must always pick a platform which provides you with the ease while publishing content. You must be able to manage the editorial workflow right from creating an idea to assigning it to a team member and publishing it on multiple platforms.

In short, the platform must be transparent for all your users. It must let you publish once, making it available on multiple platforms accordingly.

Let your audience be entertained and engaged

Creating a bond between your brand and the reader is very important. Don’t just touch their head, also connect with their heart. Be direct and compelling. Have a slight insertion of surprise, fresh ideas and rhymes to make your content more persuasive.

Let your reader be engaged constantly by commenting on various posts. Let them ask questions. Open a door for them to communicate with you directly. Take in their feedbacks. Acknowledge their presence.

MeType, a powerful commenting system, can help you in keeping your readers engaged.

Content is not read simply because it has been built. Garner traction. Socialize.

Just because you have spent months conceptualizing, building and developing content for your brand, it does not mean that your audience will automatically find it online. The internet is vast and nothing is permanent here. So while you are framing your content, also think about how you can distribute content over the internet.

Get help from a Digital Marketing expert. Get yourself recognised digitally. Let your readers find you easily whenever they are on the internet.

Generate revenue out of your content, monetize.

Your content’s lifespan is sometimes really small. A trending article can only be a hot topic for weeks, occasionally. So whatever be the content and its span, try to generate revenue out of it. A single mode need not help you achieve the target. Try multiple.

Start monetizing your digital content through various techniques like content subscription, paywalls, sponsored content and innovative ad placement.

Quintype offers you a great platform to monetize your premium content using a paywall, placement suggestions and innovative ad units.

Give your readers a change. Progress towards video and podcast content.

As per the statistics in 2018, 55% of people watch videos online every day and 30% of people listen to podcasts. Now, this is a huge percentage to cover. If you are already reading this point, it's time for you to make a change.

By 2019, the internet will account for 80% more video and podcast traffic. With the popularity of Google Home and Alexa, the content would be made more flexible.

Realising the fact, it is time for you to create your video and audio content. This will help you attract more consumers by giving them the luxury they need.

Send Email Subscription, Newsletter, Trial Membership and Giveaways

You must always keep your readers engaged and help them know the fascinating trends you are initiating. Educate your readers about your future endeavours.

These can be fantastic ways to get your brand recognised by the readers. The better you advertise via emails and social media, the more your readers would acknowledge your presence.

Let Artificial Intelligence ease your work

Artificial Intelligence is now helping the publishers to think forward. Utilizing AI to deliver meaningful analytics can help automate repetitive tasks for publishers like social media distribution, personalized ad and news targeting.

Leveraging AI can help publishers focus on quality control and free human resources from performing more nuanced tasks.

Make your content come alive with Augmented Reality(AR)

How exciting it would be to see your favorite content come to life straight from the internet! It is totally astonishing to see the future of publishing change. The application of AR in publishing has already started and is considered limitless. The technology is considered to add value, both at cultural and commercial level.

If you wish to keep your readers super engaged and happy, start giving life to your content with AR. Make a move towards new, previously unexplored market opportunities.

In case, you wish to refit your content following the above protocol, consider our CMS Quintype.

We accommodate all the trending keys and help you emerge exceptionally!

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