Engaging the Millennial - The new challenge for Digital Publishers

The engaged millennial
The engaged millennial

The highly demanding generation, the millennial, has a different expectation for everything when compared to the previous generations. Learning and development tops the list which keeps the millennial glued to your service.

The millennial, a well connected generation

Millennials are very much connected, digital savvy, at ease in the globalized world. It is the generation which cannot imagine to live a day without internet and smartphones. For millennial, an answer is just a click away.

Millennial like to move fast, are ambitious and thirsty for growth and development. They are often bored with regular activities and to meet their ever growing expectations, your content must adapt accordingly.

An overarching strategy to attract and retain millennial

Give them a frictionless engagement of your content

The millennials are not every time attracted by the ever changing content, instead, it is the presentation and engagement with the content. Give them the option to easily communicate and express their views on a story. The simpler and intuitive the experience, the sooner the end user is likely to repeat the process, establishing brand loyalty.

Facebook, uses emoticons to get 33% higher ‘share rate’, 33% higher ‘comment rate’ and 57% higher ‘like rate’.

Let the speed and freshness be a mandate for your content

In this era of live sharing and streaming, the news first breaks on Twitter and Facebook. The speed with which information travels has grown exponentially since the advent of technologies. Hence, it is no surprise that the adolescence generation is awaiting the news to crash at their fingertips.

Be present on all social media platforms

Millennial stay connected to current events through personalized social media feeds from their favorite sources. Publishers should be active on social media platforms, channels and groups with their content, so it is amongst the news that millennials bump into.

Instagram added more than 100 million users in roughly six months in 2017. 81% of millennial view their Twitter account on a daily basis. There are more than 450 million LinkedIn user accounts.

Be present on all their devices

Almost 94% of the millennials have devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. with internet connections. These devices are constellations filled with information. It is very crucial that your articles and visual elements translate well on each of these devices.

Twitter is accessed through a mobile device by 82% of its monthly active users. 92% of Internet users watch videos each month. For reading news, tablets are used only 19% while smartphones are used by 48%.

Be present on Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram

Most of the millennials are majorly connected over the internet through the handy messenger and social media apps. The Gen Y is so much connected and predicted over these platforms that not getting your brand in front here can lead to lose.

Almost 78% of 18 to 24 year old use Snapchat, and a size-able majority of these users (71%) visit the platform multiple times per day. Similarly, 71% of millennial in this age group now use Instagram and close to half (45%) are Twitter users.

Interact with your millennial readers offline

The experiences you create for millennial offline can build their trust in your brand applicable to their lives and values. You must enhance a face to face connection. Construct creative ways for people to sign up for the newsletter.

Newsroom can grow their millennial audience by implementing following offline strategies,

  • Choose event topics to which your millennials are attached with

  • Staff events with editorial personnel

  • Use small events to test audience interest in a topic

  • Partner on or sponsor events with organizations

Accept your multicultural millennial and embrace experimentation

A multicultural millennial is the one who blends a variety of cultures into mainstream. If you and your brand recognizes this millennial mindset, your content have to tell the tale. Use a millennial strategy. Foster an ego-less culture and experiment continuously to target your audience.

Over 30 million multicultural millennials are constantly connected to the internet, spend over $65 billion per year on their mobile devices. In fact, 77% more likely to be fully connected to online resources from the moment they awake until they fall asleep.

  • Keep a track of the data depicting the millennial activity

  • Seek collaborators to help you with

The change in how a newsroom should adapt can be off-putting, but make sure that the team is not experimenting without a learning curve. Try to get to a millennial with the help of a millennial.

Quintype, the all rounder CMS can help you create attractive content and video seamlessly. You can easily personalize the content as per the millennial trends.

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