Comscore ranks as India’s most engaged Tamil News Website

Comscore ranks as India’s most engaged Tamil News Website

The website recorded over 56 million reading minutes, the most by any Tamil publisher in the country

As per the Comscore India December 2020 report, has once again emerged as the most engaged Tamil news website with its readers spending over 56 million minutes, the most by any Tamil publisher in the country. These recent scores establish Vikatan as the most preferred source for Tamil news content in India. As per the data, is amongst the Top 3 Tamil News/Information websites with 5.9 million unique visitors.

Besides being the most engaged content destination for Tamils, Vikatan is amongst the top-rated Tamil News App on the Play store with a rating of 4.7/5. With a combined fan base of 12 million users & 13 million subscribers, Vikatan continues to be the country’s most loved video & social media platform making it the first choice for the Tamil consumers. was started in 1997 as a free to read site for the entire Vikatan group of magazines. The site set up a paywall from Feb 2005 presenting digital magazine subscriptions for readers to pay, subscribe and read the Vikatan magazines on the internet. The site also runs free to read sections. Along with Vikatan news, the site provides advertisement services to brands through Google Adsense advertisement service. The ads are placed in the various pages of the Vikatan website as per the relevance and site design. In addition to this provides magazine subscription services on all devices.

They make use of apps and interactive platforms to help the teams organize, track and manage the work. This is crucial for bigger teams to collaborate with ease. It helps keep everyone on the team stay on the same page and makes giving updates a simpler task.

This way writers can update the editorial team about the status of particular content pieces as well as the overall content, the articles that are in progress and the ones that are published.

We aim to be the top Tamil digital destination in India, this achievement is attributed to a combination of quality journalism, insights, opinions and analysis& credible news coverage being delivered real-time. We strive to deliver compelling experiences and engagement for our readers,our mobile & video first approach has yielded very encouraging results and we believe there’s tremendous potential to be capitalised, with the increase in online news readership.
B.Srinivasan, Managing Director, Vikatan Group
Continuing to be the most engaged Tamil destination in the country makes us feel delighted. Thanks to our readers & advertisers who have always supported us, even more during these unprecedented times which has kept us going in delivering comprehensive content pieces across genres in engaging & innovative formats
Majid Khan, Chief Business Strategist, Vikatan Group