SAGE AI Offers 6X Speed and 4X More Tasks at No Additional Cost

Namitha Sudhakar

Unlock AI for Your Newsroom with SAGE AI

Are you brainstorming ideas to incorporate AI into daily operations to eliminate repetitive, mundane tasks?

Custom AI Tools?

Building custom AI tools requires time and cost; you cannot do A/B testing with a news release.

Integrating Third-party AI tools?

Integrating a third-party AI tool can create technical glitches, which may, in turn, affect your peace of work.

The Best Option: AI-Integrated CMS

The best option is migrating to a CMS with all the inbuilt AI tools like Quintype's BOLD, which help eliminate mundane tasks and allow you to concentrate on the content creation process.

The AI Newsroom Explosion

Are you confused about the AI newsroom explosion? Basic AI features are ubiquitous and free, but editors and reporters find relying on basic AI for daily tasks impractical due to its limited efficiency and accuracy.

Introducing SAGE AI by Quintype

Quintype addressed this challenge by introducing SAGE AI into the platform. SAGE has quickly become a success among our clients.

What is SAGE AI?

"SAGE" refers to intelligent, adaptive, and advanced software or systems. Quintype's SAGE AI embodies these qualities, offering in-built AI tools designed to optimize functions within the BOLD—Quintype CMS.

SAGE AI Update: Speed and Cost Efficiency

SAGE is now available for 6X faster performance and 75% cost reduction. Customers can do 4X task at 6X speed for the same price.

SAGE AI For Content Enhancement

SAGE has numerous tools that assist digital publishing platforms in automating repetitive, routine tasks. The primary aim of SAGE is to speed up the newsroom operation without sacrificing quality.

Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing tools can transform simple statements into meaningful sentences, enhancing content quality without losing its essence.

AI for SEO

AI-driven SEO capabilities assist in optimizing content for search engines, ensuring visibility during high-traffic events. This includes generating meta titles, meta description and social media description.

Push Notifications

SAGE AI can create and send push notifications to inform readers in real-time, maintaining high user engagement.

Summarization Tools

SAGE AI has built-in summarizing tools that can summarize lengthy articles into concise points, providing quick insights.

Content Translation

The Sage AI translation feature revolutionizes content accessibility by seamlessly converting stories into multiple languages.

Introducing Unbeatable Speed and Savings

Quintype has rolled out an exciting new update with SAGE AI, revolutionizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of generative AI for content efficiency across different languages.

Speed and Cost Improvements

SAGE AI transforms the publishing process with 6x faster speed and up to 75% cost reduction for various languages.

Want to try SAGE AI?

We offer a 14-day free trial and a live demo to understand its capabilities. Make SAGE your next best decision for your newsroom operations.