News Quest's AI-assisted Reporting

Namitha Sudhakar

News Quest is a UK-based news publisher. They are the largest regional news publishers with a portfolio of more than 250+ local news brands and magazines online and in print. See how News Quest uses AI in the newsroom and leads the AI in the newsroom revolution.

News Quest has an in-house AI tool to draft reports with trusted information.

Erin Gaskell has been appointed as the first AI-powered news reporter at News Quest in June 2023. The team has appointed seven AI-assisted reporters across the UK.

The AI tool of News Quest has a "Notes" input field on the left side where reporters can enter the information they have collected, such as a press release or quotes from a source.

Based on the information provided, The AI generates a story, presenting it in the right-hand panel for the reporter to examine.

Jody Doherty-Cove, head of Editorial AI, explains that the AI tool operates as a "human in the loop system." This system requires journalists to review AI-generated content, ensuring reporters have the final say in all produced material.

When creating news articles with AI tools, journalists primarily focus on five tasks: ensuring the accuracy of the copy, exercising editorial judgment, safeguarding data and copyright, and monitoring for bias.

Additionally, it is crucial to keep sensitive information and personal data away from open AI systems to prevent unintended dissemination.

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