'JAMES' from 'The Times'

Namitha Sudhakar

With years of expertise, The Times serves British newspaper readers as one of the top national dailies in London. Founded in 1785, The Times has consistently evolved with trends in media and journalism.

James is an AI-powered tool developed by The Times to assist its journalists. JAMES is the abbreviation of ' Journey Automated Messaging for Higher Engagement through Self-Learning' .

The primary aim behind creating JAMES is to streamline editorial processes, provide data-driven insights, and assist journalists in producing high-quality content efficiently.

James is a digital concierge who uses data to understand and anticipate The Times readers' habits, interests, and preferences, ensuring they get the content they crave.

Based on available information, JAMES is a huge success for the brand; it has analyzed readers, subscribers, and content that has the most engagements to help the journalists cater to their loyal audience.

James uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze large datasets and provide actionable insights. It helps the brand to increase the content quality and the way news is served to the audience

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