Gutenbot- What is it, and how does it help 'REACH'

Namitha Sudhakar

Reach is a media brand that connects communities across the UK and Ireland, delivering the latest news, entertainment, and sports updates.

Reach is home to over 120 trusted brands, including national titles like the Mirror, Express, Daily Record, and Daily Star. It also features local brands, including MyLondon, BelfastLive, and the Manchester Evening News, alongside its US brands.

Gutenbot performs various modifications, such as substituting synonyms and rephrasing passages, while preserving the original meaning.

Although there are concerns about potential negative impacts on audience trust due to the lack of disclosure, Reach asserts that Gutenbot has boosted page views and article output.

Users paste the text they wish to rewrite into an input panel, and the revised version appears in an output panel, with all changes highlighted. Users are encouraged to report any errors in these changes back to the company.

How is Reach tracking this? Information on Guten says that Reach instructs journalists to log the URL of any story written using Gutenbot into a spreadsheet after making the necessary changes. This helps the company maintain a comprehensive database of all articles involving AI assistance.

According to Reach, Gutenbot is designed to assist journalists rather than replace them. Articles undergo verification before publishing.

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